Why carpool?
In addition to saving you money on gas and reducing vehicle wear-and-tear, carpooling also reduces stress and is much more environmentally friendly than driving alone. Click here to learn more about the benefits of carpooling.

Carpool for Commuter Challenge and WIN!
Share a ride for cleaner air… and reduce stress, traffic congestion and save money!
Qualifying Period: June 1 – 30, 2018
Last Day to Enter Trip Data: July 6, 2018

The Commuter Challenge is a great time to try carpooling! We know that Manitoba’s built environment can make transit and cycling to work a challenge for many people. But everyone can carpool! Even if you don’t want to leave your car at home, you can offer a ride to others. Carpooling 2 or 3 times a week will go a long way towards greening your lifestyle.

The following actions will earn you points for this contest:

1) Register for GoManitoba
2) Create trip Profile and Message a match
3) Additional points earned each time you log carpool trips into your Commuter Calendar

We have some great prizes for this contest! We have 2 x $50 iTunes gift cards to ensure you have a great playlist for the ride. Find out what those in your carpool like to listen to and put together a compilation you can all enjoy. We also have 2 x $20 gift cards to McNally Robinson. For those taking a break from navigating traffic, kicking back and enjoying a good read is an excellent way to focus your mind and relax your body on the trip. Let you imagination help you pass the time as you go from A to B!


$50 music gift card (iTunes, Google Play, etc) – Kendra Lea Isleifson
$50 music gift card (iTunes, Google Play, etc) – Kaleki Hill
$20 gift card to McNally Robinson –  Kurt Sargent
$20 gift card to McNally Robinson – Diana Cowell