Another successful Commuter Challenge has come and gone, further raising the profile of sustainable transportation in Manitoba. We’re sad to see the challenge come to an end because we don’t want all of this momentum to end as well. We strongly encourage you to maintain this energy by challenging yourself and workplace to commute sustainably all year round!

Start by finding a reason to challenge yourself/ celebrate sustainable commuting each and every month with this Commuting Calendar. Whether it’s a national or international day you want to take part in, or something your workplace as come up on their own, welcoming green commuting at your workplace all year round benefits both employee and employer.

Benefits of Sustainable Commuting:

  • Improves physical and psychological well-being.
  • Employees are more productive and take fewer sick days.
  • Attract and retain talented workforce.
  • Save money.
  • Reduce GHG emissions and improve air quality.

Take things one step further by making sustainable workplace commuting a priority at your workplace. The Workplace Commuter Options Team at Green Action Centre can help you make this a reality! We work with businesses and employers to make active and green types of commuting both appealing and within reach through knowledge sharing, policy alternatives, tracking and evaluation, advising on green infrastructure choices, and much more.

The WCO Program Offers:

1) GoHappy Consulting Service: workplace commuting surveys, policy and program assessment, development of action plans, program implementation assistance, solutions for behaviour change, training sessions and workshops, and program evaluation.

2) GoManitoba: register with this new platform to connect with like-minded people, share your commute, save time, money and reduce congestion. Your workplace can even register for a customized sub-site for employees to find ride matches.

3) Workplace Presentations / Bike Blender Rental: book a Green Action Centre presentation to green your workplace routine. Enhance the fun by renting our Bike Blender!

4) Speaker Events: bringing workplaces together to learn from speakers and each other on topics related to sustainable transportation and workplace commuting. Be on the look out for workplace commuting events hosted by Green Action Centre in the future!

5) Newsletter: sign up for our quarterly Active & Green Newsletter to stay up-to-date with all things related to workplace commuting, including tips and upcoming events.

** Compost Winnipeg: sign up for the office package and make composting at the workplace super easy. It includes high-quality step bins (hands-free!), an information session, posters and regular waste diversion reports. They pick waste up weekly and leave your bin clean and smelling fresh. **

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