Active and safe routes to school

We provide resources and supports to schools and families that want to get active! Walking or biking on the trip to and from school is an important (and fun!) step towards children and youth getting the recommended amount of daily exercise and time outdoors for physical and mental health. 

Getting Started

Ways you can get involved and encourage biking, walking and wheeling in your neighbourhood and at your school

Time for Safe Speeds in Winnipeg

Get the scoop on 30 km/h residential streets

Encouraging Children to Bike, Walk and Roll

Parents and teachers can have a HUGE impact!

How to Avoid Bike Theft

Learn the best way to lock your bike and what to do if your bike has been stolen.

Recent Posts

Spring Events Recap

May 6 – June 5, 2019
See how we celebrated Bike to School Month and Clean Air Day this year! 


October 2019

Challenge your students to walk to school for the month of October! 

Why active school travel?

Walking, biking and rolling to and from school has positive impacts on children’s mental, emotional, and physical health.   

Our Highlights

How are Canadians doing in Active School Travel?

Active and Safe Routes to School Program Handbook

Our program handbook is full of ideas to get your school more active, with resources for special events, walking school buses, and other programs to get you started. 

Making Children Count

This is a report with key results, a summary of health challenges, and suggested actions to improve school travel rates, based on a study of Manitoba school, from 2015-2017.


An short 30-second online tool to track active school travel. This hands-up survey can be done quickly in class, and helps us understand how students are getting to and from school. Try it out in your class!

What we did in 2018 – 2019

Through innovative programs and support of local champions, more kids are biking and walking to school. Here are some of our accomplishments from this past year. 

Schools Participating in School Travel Surveys

Schools registered for walking and biking events

Students Participated in Walktober

Learn about walking school buses!

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