Jack Frost Challenge

Bougeons en hiver

February 5th-11th, 2023


A free, week-long winter challenge for ALL Manitobans.


Gather a team of 1-5 family members, friends, or co-workers to complete 130 collective kilometres of outdoor activities.

This could include walking, running, biking, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, & more!

All you need to do is register and log your kilometres of outdoor activity during the week!



how to participate?

Step 1: Mark Your Calendars

Sunday, February 5th – Saturday, February 11th 2023

Step 2: Find Your Team

Sign up as an individual or a team of up to 5 persons. Rally your friends, family, or coworkers and come up with your fun team name!

Step 3: Register

Registration will open in the new year 

Step 4: Get Moving

Walk, run, bike, skate, ski, snowshoe, and so much more! Be sure to post your adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #JackFrostChallenge.

Step 5: Log Your Kilometres

Log your distances after each activity to help contribute to your teams 130 kilometre goal. You can log them on a daily basis or keep track and input them at the end of the week!

covid-19 response

We have created an adapted plan for Jack Frost Challenge 2022 that will align with covid-19 restrictions and it’s continuous evolution. 

The Jack Frost Challenge centers on activities that increase outdoor physical activity. Health authorities advise that people stay active and get fresh-air for their mental and physical health; this week-long challenge will help emphasize the importance of that. 

New programming will help to connect people through shared experiences and goals. We have a very exciting new model for JFC. Check back soon for the cool news!

This will be a great push for Manitobans to get out and get active, and develop healthy habits that will help get them through mentally and physically this covid-winter season.

How Teams Work

Teams do not necessarily mean that you do the activities and kilometres together, but that you work together for a collective goal of reaching 130km for the week. Take part in how you feel comfortable while following any current health restrictions and advisories.

Teams can be whoever you connect with and feel comfortable doing activities with. Friends and family can make it a friendly competition between each other to beat team members distances, colleagues can reconnect in a fun way while each tries a new activity and compares experiences, and workplaces can show their initiative to get their employees moving to contribute as a whole, these are all new, fun and different ways people can reconnect. Each individual participant’s km’s can be logged into their total team (or workplace) count, for better chances to reach the goal and win prizes.


RESULTS – 2022 Commuter Challenge

The results are in for the 2022 Commuter Challenge! Check out how Manitoba, your city/town and team ranked against each other during this years Challenge.

The 2022 Round-Up of Summer Fun!

Summer is (FINALLY) in full swing! Getting outside and active is great for your physical and mental health. Here are some FUN ideas for activities to do during the month of June, and beyond!
Tip: Register and log your activities during the month of June to GoManitoba for your chance at prizes!

Commuter Challenge CELEBRATIONS!

We are celebrating Clean Air Day & Commuter Challenge with a variety of “Pop-up Pit-Stops” on June 8, 2022.

PRIZE LIST – 2022 Commuter Challenge!

Check out the INCREDIBLE prizes you can WIN during the 2022 Commuter Challenge! It isn’t too late for you to register & back log your active & sustainable trips between June 5-11

REGISTER NOW! Commuter Challenge 2022

That’s right, the Commuter Challenge is back for another year!
Registration is NOW OPEN!

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Whats Happening this year!

Passport to Winter Fun!

It’s time to make the most of our Manitoba Winter and the Passports to Winter Fun will help you take full advantage of those frosty days! Participants will receive activity sheets to help you along your journey to 130km’s! They include mini challenges and achievements you can check off, they even include incentives from some awesome local businesses. By participating and posting to social media you will also be entered to win a special Passport Prize! 

Tips for our Winter Wonderland!

Check out our comprehensive list of winter activities you can enjoy during the Jack Frost Challenge (and beyond!). We encourage you to get outside and treat the week as a staycation full of fun & adventures!

Ways to get involved

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or how you get around, Jack Frost Challenge is for everyone!

Use GoManitoba to explore more of the great outdoors this winter. Take actions to qualify for additional prizes!

Kids want to play outside, no matter the season. See our Jack Frost Challenge for schools/kids events!

Bring Jack Frost Challenge to your town. (Don’t worry, we’ll help with tips, resources, and support!)

Thank you to our sponsors