Composting can divert 40% of waste heading to the landfill. 

We’re here to help all Manitobans reduce their food waste. We work with homes, schools and communities to learn more about composting and how to make it practical and possible for everyone!

Our Composting team is here to offer tips to get you started, deliver presentations, and share expert knowledge.

Getting Started

Explore ways to start composting at home, in your community and how to get involved.

Top Ten Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Food Waste Action Week is March 6-12! Check out our blog for tips to reduce your food waste

Learning how to Manage Waste Properly at School!

Teaching waste management skills to students sets them up to be waste professionals by the time they graduate.

Green Action Centre’s 2023 Wishlist

For several years, we have been sending Santa our wishlist for Manitoba. Well, we’re back at it for 2023! Here are a few of our wishes for the year to come.

Let’s all “Chip In” – recycle those Xmas trees!

Take your Christmas tree to one of the City of Winnipeg’s tree depots for recycling!

Reducing Holiday Food Waste

Food is an integral part of the holidays. Let’s not waste it!

Recent Posts

Upcoming Events

Keep Composting All Winter!

Winter is on our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop composting! Check out our blog to read about how to compost all winter long

Reducing Waste – with Planet Pantry


Read about the different ways to reduce waste at home from the owners of Planet Pantry 

Why Compost?

It’s easy! Way easier than you think.

It’s worth it! Save money, water and garbage going to the landfill.

It can make a difference! Reduce greenhouse gases and return those nutrients to your soil.

Our Highlights

Here are a few of the programs that help Manitobans compost in their community.

On Site Composting

Residents in condos and apartment buildings can now compost food scraps in a compost bin right on the property with On Site. Our resources and tools can help get you started.

Food Waste

Over half (58%) of all food produced in Canada is wasted, and 32% of this wasted food is avoidable. We offer tips and tricks to help reverse this trend.

Prairie Dog Projects

Family resources, featuring hands-on composting activities and other sustainable resources for kids of all ages.

What we did in 2021

Through our work in schools, homes and communities, and with the help of our Master Composter volunteers, more Manitobans are composting. Here are some of our accomplishments from the past year.

People reached through compost presentations

Presentations in the community

Volunteer hours logged in the community

Learn how to compost!

Are you a member of our Master Composter Program? Find resources, volunteer opportunities, and a place to submit your volunteer hours on our new Master Composter portal

Or Master Composter Volunteers can add their volunteer hours here: 

Meet the team

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