Workplace Commuter Options

Imagine your workplace as vehicle optional. 


Green Action Centre works with businesses and employers to make sustainable commuting both appealing and within reach. The Workplace Commuter Options team is here to share knowledge, offer policy alternatives, provide tracking and evaluation, and advise on green infrastructure choices.

For a happier, healthier commute, use our GoHappy services and our GoManitoba tool!

Getting Started

Discover our services that help your workplace become sustainable commuting friendly. 

Commuter Challenge 2024 Results & Prize Winners!

This year’s results are IN! It’s time to see your impact!

Equitable Cities

On Wednesday, October 9th Green Action Centre will welcome Arrested Mobility’s Charles T. Brown to Winnipeg. Tickets are now on sale for Equitable Cities: How to liberate those caged by our transportation system. 

GoManitoba: Love Your Trip

Now is the perfect time to incorporate GoManitoba into your organization. As you transition, GoManitoba will support your work to offer transportation choice to your team.

Commuter Challenge 2024 – Prize List

Learn what YOU could win while saving money and the environment during this year’s Commuter Challenge 2024!

Commuter Challenge 2024

Polish up your bikes and arrange your carpool, Commuter Challenge is back in just over a month!

Recent Posts

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November 1 – 30
A GoManitoba Contest to help you love your commute.

Recap of Strong Towns

May 2022

In May we welcomed Charles Marohn of Strong Towns to Winnipeg for The Confessions Tour: Transportation for a Strong Town. 

Why Sustainable Commuting?

Whether you want to increase employee health, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, achieve a mandate on sustainability or are concerned about corporate social responsibility, making your workplace vehicle optional is for you.

There are countless benefits for employers and employees alike. Green Action Centre’s Workplace Commuter Options program is here to share knowledge and provide fact-based solutions to help make sustainable commuting within reach for Manitobans.

Our Highlights

Here are a few of the ways we help Manitobans commute more sustainably. 

Looking to learn more about sustainable commuter options at work? Check out our available resources!

Want to green your office but don’t know where to start? Use our GoHappy consulting services!

Need a carpool partner for work or play? Looking for a bike mentor? Find yours with our free app, GoManitoba

What we did in 2022-2023

Through innovative tools, programs, and support of local champions, more Manitobans are choosing sustainable modes of commuting. Here are some of our accomplishments from this past year:

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