GoManitoba’s goal is to bring sustainable, healthy commuting options to all Manitobans.

Its purpose is to ease travel by helping to facilitate carpools, promote public transit use where available, and match biking and walking mentors.

It is a quick, secure, and personal way to find your commuting options, simply using your home and work (or other destination) addresses.

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Discover what GoManitoba can do for your commute.

By registering for GoManitoba you can connect with like-minded people, share your commute, save time, money and reduce congestion.

Equitable Cities

On Wednesday, October 9th Green Action Centre will welcome Arrested Mobility’s Charles T. Brown to Winnipeg. Tickets are now on sale for Equitable Cities: How to liberate those caged by our transportation system. 

GoManitoba: Love Your Trip

Now is the perfect time to incorporate GoManitoba into your organization. As you transition, GoManitoba will support your work to offer transportation choice to your team.

Commuter Challenge 2024

Polish up your bikes and arrange your carpool, Commuter Challenge is back in just over a month!


Results are in! Prizes have been won! Let’s see who took on the Jack Frost Challenge

Jack Frost Challenge 2024 | EVENTS

Take part in Jack Frost Challenge! Check out our events for 2024.

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Why GoManitoba?

It is a province-wide platform that connects individuals from multiple workplaces, organizations and communities. Choose to commute with others from your workplace or campus, or those who are simply travelling on the same route as you.

We also offer workplaces, organizations and municipalities the opportunity to create custom pages, allowing you to have a dedicated portal for your employees, students or residents, and the ability to access commuting data and offer rewards for using the system to reduce or eliminate the number of people driving alone.

What we did in 2022-2023

Through innovative tools, programs, and support of local champions, more Manitobans are choosing sustainable modes of commuting. Here are some of our accomplishments from this past year.

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