Rent Our Bike Blender!

Looking to add something new to your next work or school event? Rent Green Action Centre’s Bike Blender! It is easy, fun to use, and only requires minor setup! Great for work parties and school events, you just pedal away and you can make a variety of drinks including smoothies, slushies, cocktails or mocktails!

Prices for Rental and Presentations 

What is included in the rental: Bike with blender attachment, bike stand and manual.

Workplace Rental Fee

Workplace fees are $300 for renting the blender plus a $500 damage deposit 

School Rental

The fee for school rentals is $180 plus a $500 damage deposit

Nonprofit Price

The rental fee for nonprofits is $180 with a $500 damage deposit


Bike Blender presentations  from Green Action Centre staff are also available for Schools at  $250 and $400 for workplaces. Email us at to inquire (Prices are per presentation) 

**Please Note**

Bike Blender Presentations that occur outside of Winnipeg will include an additional fee for travel

Send us a message to inquire about the bike blender today!