Waste Audits

A waste audit is a process that inspects, documents and analyzes the waste generated by a business or organization.

The primary objective of a waste audit is to better understand the composition and amount of waste being generated.

Then this information can be used to track waste management effectiveness, possible areas of improvement, and opportunities for implementing other waste diversion streams.

Green Action Centre conducts waste audits that align with BOMA and LEED standards.

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Why Conduct a Waste Audit?

Refine Waste Management Practices

 Identify areas for waste reduction, reuse, or recycling in your operations.

Cut Unnecessary Costs

Optimize your waste management practices and uncover money-saving opportunities.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Discover how you can reduce your carbon footprint and conserve resources.

Create a Sustainability Reputation

Showcase your commitment to waste reduction and sustainability, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.


What to Expect

We facilitate hassle-free waste audits in 4 steps:

Planning and Preparation

Green Action Centre will come prepared with all the materials necessary to conduct a comprehensive waste audit. To make the process as smooth as possible, a contact person from your organization will be needed to assist in scheduling the audit, coordinating the collection of waste to be audited, and arranging a space for sorting.

Auditing Process

We offer single-day auditing services to sort, weigh, and measure waste from garbage, recycling, and composting streams. Due to safety reasons, bathroom waste, hazardous waste, and PPE waste will not be collected.

Assessments and Analysis

Once the audit is complete, the results will be analyzed to understand the proportion and composition of various waste types, while also pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

Reporting and Recommendations

You will receive a waste audit report complete with audit data, recommendations for improvement, and actionable steps that could be taken specific to your organization.

Meet the Team

Kristen Malec

Kristen Malec

Senior Compost & Waste Reduction Coordinator

(204) 925-3777 ext. 106

Sean Birkett

Sean Birkett

Sustainability Projects Coordinator

(204) 925 – 3777 ext. 110

Nick Portengen

Nick Portengen

Green Audits Project Assistant

(204) 925-3777 ext. 103

Ashtyn Nauffts

Ashtyn Nauffts

Green Audits Project Assistant

(204) 925-3777 ext. 104