Want to take

Climate Action as an organization?

Start with a Green Audit!


What is a Green Audit?

A Green Audit is a holistic sustainability audit that assesses your organization’s climate impact and identifies opportunities to become more sustainable and climate resilient.

The Process

How do we do it?

Together we will establish an earth team made up of organization members and provide them with climate education and information sessions. In addition, we conduct assessments and analysis of the organization’s building and operations. This holistic process evaluates six areas of climate impact:

  1. Building & Energy
  2. Transportation
  3. Waste
  4. Food
  5. Water Conservation
  6. Green Infrastructure


What can you expect?

Through this process your team will be equipped to guide your organization in reducing its climate impact. You will receive a final report with the Green Audit’s findings and a climate action plan created in collaboration with the earth team. The climate actions will be prioritized based on their feasibility and climate benefit to help you continue your organization’s sustainability journey.

Receive a climate action plan for your organization, compiled in a final report of the audit.

Have an established Earth Team within your organization to implement climate actions!

Greater knowledge of climate change and the steps your organization can take to help mitigate its effects!

“I liked the way that you zoomed in from global scale to the building scale. I liked the mix of technical details as well as decent graphics, but also that you included source information for the content.”
“It is super neat to see the work we did in a nice tidy report. I appreciate all the time and effort put into facilitating the green audit process.”
“The team was very friendly and cooperative. It was nice to work with them.”
Final Report – sample pages
Final Report – sample pages
Final Report – sample pages
Final Report – sample pages

Green Audit Packages

While we believe in the holistic approach of the full Green Audit, we also recognize that some situations may be better suited to certain elements of the Green Audit. Below we have listed the three packages we offer to our clients. If one of the options below doesn’t quite fit your organization’s needs, please contact us so we can determine a plan that works for you!


The Full Green Audit includes an analysis of the six areas of impact listed above. This is best suited to an organization that owns or rents their entire building or property since there is generally a greater potential to implement climate actions in the areas of building efficiency, green infrastructure and water conservation.


The Tenant’s Green Audit is designed for organizations that want to take climate action in their office or rented workspace. This package covers waste, transportation and food. The audit process develops ways to reduce emissions and climate impact for an organization in a tenant’s situation.


The Waste Reduction Green Audit is focused specifically on the organization’s waste. This Audit includes presentations on waste and food and covers ways to reduce and manage waste better. It includes a waste audit and a climate action report.

Want to find out more? Get in touch to see how a Green Audit could work for you!

Meet the Team

Sean Birkett

Sean Birkett

Sustainability Projects Coordinator

(204) 925 – 3777 ext. 110
Nick Portengen

Nick Portengen

Green Audits Project Assistant

(204) 925-3777 ext. 103
Ashtyn Nauffts

Ashtyn Nauffts

Green Audits Project Assistant

(204) 925-3777 ext. 104

Waste Audits

A waste audit is one area we evaluate as part of the Green Audit. If you’re interested in a partial audit, we offer waste audits a stand-alone option. Please contact us to discuss what a waste audit could look like in your context.