Jack Frost Challenge for Schools: February 2 – 8, 2020

With Winter Walk Day & Winter Bike to School Day

In a climate like ours, there’s no way we can spend half the year cooped up inside! Getting your school involved in the Jack Frost Challenge gets kids active and builds winter resilience, all while having fun outdoors. 

Alongside existing winter traditions, schools can participate in the following:

Winter Walk Day

Check back soon for details!

Winter Walk Day is celebrated by schools across Canada each year. Walking to and from school is fun every day, so we encourage you to journey outside throughout the entire month of February!

Winter Bike to School Day

Check back soon for details!

Winter Bike Day to School Day builds awareness that ordinary kids can ride their bicycles to school year round. It is safe, healthy, fun, and not as extreme as many people think. Time to show the adults how it is done!

Why Get Involved?


Less activity in winter negatively affects our physical health, mental health, and ability to learn. 


Too many Canadians carry a negative attitude towards winter, which has drastic impact on health and well-being.


Be entered to win a $50 gift card from Mountain Equipment Co-op.


Children being driven to school has created huge school zone traffic woes.


Schools have an important role in making active and sustainable transportation the default option for families.

How to Get Involved?


  • Use our images, text, and hashtags for your social media posts.
  • Put up #JackFrostChallenge posters around school to promote walking to school
  • Interview students what they like best about playing and walking outside in the winter
  • Give tips on dressing for cold weather
  • Share winter walking facts and inspiration on social media and in your newsletter

Get Out There!

  • Have students walk to school (or be dropped off a block or two away) and write a Voyageur Journal about their expedition.
  • Enroll your class in our Jack Frost Challenge and see how many winter kilometres you can rack up over the week!
  • Recognize your winter walkers/bikers with hot chocolate and snacks on Winter Walk Day or Winter Bike to School Day.
  • Take a group walk in the community.

Make Positive Changes

  • Work with residents and businesses to designate drop-off areas, where students being driven can continue to school on foot, or caregivers can park and walk with students to school. As a bonus, this can also alleviate school zone traffic problems!
  • Request permission from your school division to set up a Polar Bear Club, so parents can choose to allow their kids to go outside even on indoor recess days.
  • Sky’s the limit! For more inspirationcheck out these ideas from Ontario Active School Travel

Jack Frost Challenge | Bougeons en Hiver

This challenge is for ALL Manitobans, of ALL ages. During the week of Jack Frost Challenge, February 2 – 8, 2020, schools can also get involved as a team.

Register as a classroom and compete with other classes to see who gets the most kilometres of outside activity!

Planning & Promoting Resources

We’ve compiled these great resources to help with planning and promoting your event. A big shout-out to Ontario Active School Travel for what they’ve put together!


Activity Ideas




Newsletter/Social Media Text

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FREE Air Quality Classroom Presentations

Book classroom presentations with us on sustainable transportation and food waste!

February Province-Wide Count

We see school transportation in the same way that others might see commuting to work – a useful benchmark for measuring the health of our entire transportation system. We need to know how we’re doing so we can see if we’re getting better!

BikeWalkRoll collects data on how students are transported to school using a simple and anonymous 30-second survey at attendance time. BikeWalkRoll makes it faster than ever to collect this important data and make the case for active school travel programs and events. It’s more than child’s play—BikeWalkRoll is a new way of counting transportation.

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