How did you get to school today?

BikeWalkRoll is a 30-second survey tool to learn about how students are getting to school

Next School Travel Survey: February 3 – 7, 2020

BikeWalkRoll is an easy tool for schools to learn more about how their students are arriving (on foot, by bike, by bus, etc.). This information is powerful: schools can use it to determine how best to encourage more families to choose healthy transportation (preventing pesky traffic and air pollution issues around your school) and we can use it to see how school transportation is shifting over time.

BikeWalkRoll is free to use, by any teacher, anywhere, at any time of year. Just create an account, and get counting! 

3 easy steps to completing a classroom survey



Go to and find your school on the map


Survey your class, following the survey questions.


Check out your score! 

We conduct BikeWalkRoll School Travel Surveys three times a year, Fall, Winter and Spring. The next survey is February 3-7, 2020. 

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