When you learned the “3 Rs”, “recycle” came last. Reduce and reuse are much more important steps. We can add to that our “R” list items like “repair” and “rethink”. Both structural and individual actions are required in order to significantly reduce our waste as a society. One way that we can take action is to source the items that we truly need through “reuse” channels: that is, second-hand or thrifted. Manitoba has a wealth of consignment and thrift options both in person and online. You can buy nearly anything you need second hand, from furniture and appliances to clothing and accessories; cars, bicycles, formal wear, electronics, music, toys, baby gear, sports equipment, and more! Are you stuck in a rut of looking in the same second-hand stores, and struggling to find a new option? We’ve compiled a list of all the consignment and thrift options we could find in Manitoba. Are we missing any of your favourite places? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it! 


Note: Green Action Centre is not affiliated with or endorsing any of the stores or options on this list, which is intended to serve only as a directory.

Winnipeg Consignment


  • Childcycle Consignment (also has some toys and books etc; online only with popups) 
  • Once Upon A Child (also has kid’s toys and books, and some baby gear, as well as a few new options)  1600 Regent Ave West, Unit 2-A; 1330 Ellice Ave Unit A 
  • SweetPea Threads (online Winnipeg kid’s consignment)

Speciality: Maternity, Wedding, Sports


Winnipeg Thrift

This list is organized alphabetically.


Online Consignment and Thrift

There are many online marketplaces where people buy and sell used items. Etsy features many vintage sellers. Poshmark has some professional thrift sellers and many individuals who are re-selling everything from books to household goods, but primarily clothing, shoes, and accessories.



(these ship to you, regardless of where they sell from)


These platforms are available in many locations, but generally require users to make a personal, local connection to exchange goods and/or money.

Manitoba Vintage on Instagram and More

This is just a selection, and the shops are always changing! Please let us know if anything is out of date or you have more to add.

  • Peg_citythrift (clothing, furniture & decor)
  • Thriftyhippywpg (clothing, furniture & decor)
  • Wildsageboutique (home decor/furniture)
  • Prairievintageco  (“vintage homewares and more”)
  • honeyvalleyvintage (Home decor/furniture)
  • VoxxVintage (home decor)
  • Goldenpetalgoods (little bits of everything)
  • Vantage Vintage Boutique (“eclectic and wearable vintage apparel)
  • Atomic Age Vintage (housewares – also has some items available at Pollock’s Hardware in Winnipeg and sells on Facebook/Etsy)
  • 204_Thryft (clothing, also available here)
  • @Shandra_Macneill
Manitoba Consignment and Thrift

Help us with this list! Are we missing any? Are any listings out of date? Please let us know in the comments so we can make sure this list is as complete and up to date as possible! Our staff are based in Winnipeg and many of these small stores have little to no online presence to confirm details beyond name and location.

  • Altona: Altona MCC Gift and Thrift, 24 Main St
  • Ashern: Goodwill, 16 Main St.
  • Austin: MCC Thrift Shop, 7 Bromley St
  • Beausejour: Togs N Treasures, 730 Park Ave
  • Brandon:
    • Brandon MCC (414 Pacific Avenue)
    • Nearly New Shop (601-9th Street)
    • T & Bees Thrift Store (711 Rosser Ave)
    • Value Village (1408 1st Street)
    • Adult and Teen Challenge Super Thrift Brandon
    • Building Re-Fit Store (building supplies, reopening spring 2021) 
    • Y’s Choice Consignment Shop 602 Rosser Ave.
    • Brandon ReStore 630 Rosser Avenue
    • Once Upon a Child consignment (also has kid’s toys and books, baby gear, and a few new options) 1240 18th St.   
  • Carman:
    • Nine Lives Fashions, 40 1st St. St
    • Carman MCC Shop, 11 Centre Ave
  • Dauphin: Almost New Store, 220 Main St. N.
  • Gladstone: Gladstone Treasure Chest, 26 Dennis St. West
  • Grunthal:
  • Lac du Bonnet: Mrs. Lucci’s Attic: Second Hand Store, 75 Third St.
  • MacGregor:  MacGregor MCC Used Furniture Thrift 102 Hampton St
  • Manitou: Manitou Thrift Store 
  • Minnedosa: Frontier Trading Company Inc, 151 – 9th Ave SW
  • Morris: Morris MCC Thrift Shop 163 Charles Avenue W
  • Niverville: Niverville MCC Thrift Store, 246 Main St.
  • Oakbank: Another Time Around, 530 Main St
  • Plum Coulee: Plum Coulee Thrift Shop, 275 Main Avenue
  • Portage la Prairie:
    • McKenzie United Church Thrift Shop (A-45 Saskatchewan Avenue East, 204-240-0032). Clothing and household items
    • Portage MCC Thrift Shop (149 Saskatchewan Avenue East)
  • Riverton: Riverton MCC Thrift Shop, 18 Reggie Leach Dr. 
  • Selkirk:
    • Selkirk House of Economy Incorp. 246 Manitoba Ave
    • Twice Over Inc 214 Manitoba Ave
  • Snow Lake: The Second Glance, 82 Balsam St.
  • Somerset: Somerset Villa Thrift Shop, 283 Carlton Ave
  • Steinbach:
  • Teulon: Kozy’s Productions, 92 Main St
  • The Pas: New to You, 108 Edwards Ave
  • Thompson: Charlie’s Store, 43 Fox Bay
  • Winkler:
  • Winnipegosis: Winnipegosis Thrift Stop Ltd., 160 1st St.
Free Resources

Some of these options are income-tested or have other criteria to qualify for accessing their services. Please contact the organization directly for more information to access services or if you wish to donate items. This is not a complete list.


Facebook pages for free items and help:

More Ideas

Don’t forget there are so many more ways to get access to the things you need without buying new! Borrow, rent, share, or source secondhand: here’s just a few more ideas:

  • Need a new cellphone? Try buying a refurbished one from a mobile phone repair shop, or even your phone service provider! If you are buying online privately, be aware you should run the IMEI against the blacklist (link here) to protect yourself against stolen devices – this isn’t foolproof, but it helps.
  • If you choose to or need to drive a vehicle, secondhand saves a lot of money and helps the environment! Buy privately or through a reputable used-car dealer.
  • Only need a vehicle occasionally? Try carshare or rentals! Peg City Car Co-op has both member and casual options for carsharing in Winnipeg, and rentals are available more broadly. The total cost of car ownership, between depreciation, repairs, insurance, and maintenance, is significant; rentals, carshare, and even the occasional taxi can save you a lot over the long run.
  • Secondhand music – if you’re not buying your music online or using a streaming service, you can buy records, tapes, and CDs second hand from thrift stores or music dealers.
  • Even appliances can be found used! Examples include Gill’s Furniture and Appliances and Elmwood Appliance
  • The lists above do not include options for vintage or antique finds, which are characterized by being from particular time periods in the past. Manitoba has many vintage and antiques curators both online and offline.
  • Clothing including formal wear and maternity clothing can be rented – even some formal dresses! Sprout Clothing offers Canadians a clothing rental option – they specialize in maternity but offer other styles as well.
  • Rent a tool: grocery stores and hardware stores often rent tools like carpet cleaners and specialized power tools that you may only need for a short time.
  • Auctions, estate sales, and garage sales (which can be run by individual homeowners or by larger groups like churches) are yet another source for second hand items!
  • The Winnipeg Public Library has a Makerspace, which includes access to recording studios, sewing machines, and more (check with the library regarding Covid-related restrictions) 
  • ArtsJunktion mb has a tool lending library (membership starting at $30/yr)
  • The Millennium Library in Winnipeg has a Musical Instrument Lending Library
  • Little Free Libraries are a worldwide phenomenon – find all kinds of free books, or leave a book, at these micro lending stations. Click the link for a map to find one near you! 
  • Spence Neighbourhood Tool Lending Library (currently suspended)
  • Community Bike Shops sometimes sell used bikes, and offer tool-sharing to either members or the general public, for bicycle repair.
  • Love to thrift but don’t have the time to wander the aisles to find your style? Many thrift accounts are popping up on social media, it’s as easy as online shopping!