Want to bring the Commuter Challenge to your workplace?

We want to help you do that!

Discover why you should become a workplace coordinator, what to expect of the role, and how we can help you do it. 

Why You Should Become a Workplace Coordinator

Are you known for your sustainable commuting habits, your office leadership, or the environmental initiatives at your workplace? It sounds like you’re the right person for the job!

If you’ve been wanting your workplace to prioritize sustainable commuting, this is your big chance to get more people at your workplace doing it! You will be the force behind your workplace becoming more environmentally conscious, healthier, and more productive – which are great things to be the driving force behind. 

Whether you are back in the office full time (or always were, thanks essential workers!), doing a hybrid model or still completely working from home there are many ways you can get involved with your coworkers! 

It is a rewarding role that makes a positive difference in your workplace and on the planet. 

Stay tuned to hear about our workplace prizes (if you needed EXTRA incentive). 

What is Expected of a Workplace Coordinator

As a workplace coordinator, it is your role to educate, motivate, and celebrate the accomplishments of your team. Here are the basic steps to being a workplace coordinator, but feel free to go above and beyond this list. 

Step 1: Register your Workplace

Go to https://commuter.commuterchallenge.ca/register/workplace

Input your province, location, contact details, and most importantly, the accurate number of employees at your workplace.

Once you are registered, 

Go to https://commuter.commuterchallenge.ca/workplace/session

Edit your workplace profile as necessary. You can list extra departments, floors, teams, and locations to customize the system to your workplace.


Click ‘profile’ and copy the unique registration URL to share it with your team for a quick and easy registration process.

Then, if you would like to join us for the Workplace Coordinator Learning Lunch, register yourself here

Step 2: Promote the Challenge

Every workplace is different. Consider how your workplace primarily communicates and what motivates your coworkers to change behaviours. Use that information to determine the most effective way to engage and motivate your workplace.

We recommend posters, regular emails, and word-of-mouth communication to raise awareness at your workplace. Find available resources, posters, and graphics in our coordinator’s corner.

While you are promoting, be sure to hype up our prizes! 

We always have incredible prizes up for grabs, thanks to generous local businesses. Be sure to share the prize lists within your workplaces and social networks to show people what they can win – just for choosing sustainable commutes!

Step 3: Log Kilometres

There are two ways to log kilometres:

1. Individual Logging – each employee is responsible for logging their own kilometres each day of the challenge.

  • This is less work for the coordinator and allows employees to be eligible for individual prizes. However, it may require lots of reminder emails and tech support for your team.

2. Bulk Entry Logging – workplace coordinator does a manual bulk entry ONE TIME at the end of the week. *Use our spreadsheet to track your totals.

  • This allows employees without an email to participate, but they will not be eligible for a prize unless you send your participation list directly to us.
Step 4: Track Results

Login as workplace coordinator and click ‘results’ to download an excel spreadsheet of who is registered and logging kilometres.

Be sure to celebrate the sustainable commutes taken over the week! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts and resource guides that will provide you with more tips and tricks to take your workplace to the next level. 

How We Help You be a Successful Workplace Coordinator

We also provide a number of resources and materials in our Coordinator’s Corner. There you will find a helpful how-to-guide for the system, promotional graphics to distribute, and much more! You also can always contact us, we are here to help and make the Challenge as successful as possible for you!

How to Become a Workplace Coordinator

Now that we’ve convinced you to be a workplace coordinator for the Commuter Challenge, go ahead and register your workplace! It’s that easy.


Still have questions? Get in touch