Tools to get your children and students walking, biking, and rolling to school

The 5 E’s are the essentials of active school travel!


Foster the skills, confidence, and awareness to allow students to walk and wheel to school safely

Class Curriculum

Include active travel in your classroom! Email us at to request the curiculum intertration information for your grade!

ParticipAction Report Card

Learn about physical activity

Bicycle Education and Skills Training (BEST)

Include cycling in Physical Education at school

MB Healthy Schools

Learn more about Manitoba Healthy Schools, or read our blog post here!

Active School Travel Presentations

Book us to present to teachers or Parent Council

Children's Mobility and Independence

Independent play and mobility is important for children’s physical and mental health

Clean Air Day Handbook

Download the Clean Air Day Handbook to host your own Clean Air Day event!


Inspiring students, parents and school staff to try active travel


Have a walk or bike club, like a Walking Wednesday Club.

Walk and Wheel Events

Host events to make active school travel fun! 

Walking School Bus

Start a walking school bus or a bike train

Polar Bear Recess

Encourage students to enjoy time outside, even if it’s -20C or colder with outdoor recess


Create safe and accessible schools and neighbourhoods

Safe Speeds

Slower speeds make safer streets

Host a Walkabout

Invite us to co-host a walkabout of your school neighbourhood

Upgrade Infrastructure

Install cycling and walking infrastructure, like bike parking

Walk Bike Projects

Participate in City of Winnipeg consultations on Walk Bike Projects


Ensure traffic and parking rules are obeyed to improve safety at and around schools. Police monitor speed, ticket traffic violations, and school staff can supervise student drop-off locations

Photo Enforcement

Automatic cameras to ticket speeding drivers

School Zones

30km/h school zone speed limits

Be Idle Free

Request Idle Free Zone signs and put them up at your school

Traffic Complaints

See issues? File a traffic complaint


Use data to design effective solutions, measure success, and demonstrate impact

Traffic Counts

Gather information about traffic around your school with Counterpoint

BikeWalkRoll School Travel Surveys

See how your school is doing with BikeWalkRoll

Parent Surveys

Gather info from parents about their transportation choices

Proximity Maps

Get a map of where your students travel to school from, email

Bring Active School Travel to your School

Don’t know where to start? Get in touch with questions or book a presentation.

We present to staff, administrators, parent council or other group

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