Bike Parking Program

Green Action Centre Active and Safe Routes to School Program has partnered with the City of Winnipeg to increase opportunities for schools to access bike infrastructure so students (and staff) can bike to school. We are offering free bike racks and bike cages to more than 20 schools in Winnipeg! 

Bike racks are made locally by Rack Works and are valued at $750. Bike cages may be considered where necessary, and would be custom built for your school.

Applications for Spring 2019 are closed.


1. SUBMIT an application

2. SCHOOL applications will be assessed based on:
Demonstrated need for bike parking due to a lack of infrastructure or inadequacy of current infrastructure as a result of disrepair.
B) SUPPORT School support and interest in active school travel, and a clear strategy for ongoing support and maintenance of the bike parking.

3. SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS will be notified
Schools are responsible for coordinating the installation and ongoing maintenance of the bike parking. Schools are also required to sign a waiver prior to installation.

Applications for Spring 2019 are closed. 

Which schools are eligible?

Schools in a Winnipeg School Division
Schools located in the City of Winnipeg

Elementary, Middle or High School, Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 12

Who can submit the application?

School staff, administrators or teachers

Why apply?

Secure bike parking is critical for encouraging children to cycle to school, helping parents feel comfortable about their children bringing bikes to school and an effective way for schools to promote active lifestyles. Show your school’s support for active school travel, and apply for bike parking upgrades for your school!

Other questions or inquiries?
We are happy to help!

(204) 925-3777 ext. 114

What is Active and Safe Routes to School all about?

Active and Safe Routes to School is a program to provide resources and supports to schools and families that want to get active! Walking or biking on the trip to and from school is an important (and fun!) step towards children and youth getting the recommended amount of daily exercise and time outdoors. 


Green Action Centre thanks the City of Winnipeg for supporting this program