“Students often ride everywhere in vehicles, even when they have the option to walk, bike, or use public transportation… Sustainable schools aim to be models of sustainable travel, where vehicles are used only when absolutely necessary and where there are exemplary facilities for healthier, less polluting, or less dangerous modes of transport. (Manitoba Education & IISDGuide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba)

We envision a province where all children can walk and bike to school on safe routes.

The Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program has been working in Manitoba for over a decade to encourage active school travel through presentations, events, and programming. Walking and cycling as a means of transportation are on the decline in Canada, as part of a decades-long international trend toward more sedentary lifestyles and increased dependence on vehicles. We’re here to change that!

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Bicycle Education and Skills Training (BEST) Program

We're working to embed cycling know-how into the Manitoba health curriculum.

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ASRTS Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about who we are, what we've done, and how we can help you get more kids walking and rolling to school.

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Programs and Services

Green Action Centre offers a wide range of presentations and services to teachers, parent councils, and school divisions.

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ASRTS Events

Participate in one of our annual events: International Walk to School Month, Bike to School Month, Clean Air Day, and Province Wide Counts.

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We have what you need to make safe active travel a reality in schools.

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Featured Report: Making Children Count

A call to action to increase active school travel in Manitoba! This report includes study results, health challenges faced by youth, and possible actions to improve active school travel rates.

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Featured Resource: BikeWalkRoll

Go online or download the app BikeWalkRoll to get a snapshot your classroom's school travel modes.

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February 12, 2018 12:00 am
February Province Wide Count

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Program Coordinators:

Lea Coté (ext 104)

Heather Mitchell (ext 107)

Sean Carlson (ext 103)


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