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Green Action Centre has a wide range of services, resources, and programs, for students and staff alike.


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We also offer activities, handouts, and other tools for teachers looking to integrate waste reduction and active travel into the classroom and to advocate for safe routes to school. 


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Winnipeg teachers can call directly to (204) 925-3777 or complete the form below to request a class presentation. We will follow up shortly to confirm the details.

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Presentation FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

When do can I book a presentation?

Classroom presentations are given September through June and must be requested a minimum of two weeks in advance. Note that September-October and March-June are particularly busy and dates should be requested even earlier.

How long are presentations?

Presentation lengths are typically 45 minutes to an hour. When Kindergarten presentations are available, they are 15 minutes shorter than the posted length.

How much is it for a presentation?

Some services are provided free of charge, based on designated funding. Otherwise we ask for a $180 presentation fee for schools within Winnipeg.

Are presentations offered outside of Winnipeg?

Presentations to schools within a 250km radius of Winnipeg may be available, depending on the date requested and the ability of the school to cover travel costs.

What is the cancellation policy?

2 business days notice is required for cancellation. If cancelled by the host organization or school less than 2 business days prior, there may be an administration fee. There will be no charges for cancellations due to illness or weather.

Presenters reserve the right to reschedule in the case of illness or extreme weather.

What about presentations related to the environment, but not included in the list of topics?

Custom presentations may be available. Register for “Other” and fill in the Comments box with the necessary details.

Complete School Composting Set-Up (K-12, $300, multiple visits, offered by Composting Team)

The complete set-up includes a site visit, ongoing consultation support/troubleshooting, and customized training for students and staff. Cost does not include supplies such as compost bins, though we can share recommendations. Once your system is established, we have tips to keep your system going.

This package includes:

  • “A Guide for School Composting” and “Tools and Activities for School Composting” booklets
  • School-wide composting strategy worksheet
  • Waste audit lesson plans
  • Curriculum links for composting (available in French)
  • Green Action Centre’s price list for signage (available in French)

How to Compost at School (K-12, $180, 30 minutes, offered by Composting Team)

Is your school considering starting composting? Is your school currently composting and needs a refresher and pointers to ensure a successful program? Students will learn what composting is, why composting is important, and how to create an effective system. This presentation is ideal for your school’s green team or composting team.

Introduction to Vermicomposting (Grades K-12, $180, 30 minutes, offered by Composting Team)

Learn how our worm friends can make a rich fertilizer, right in your classroom! This presentation includes hands-on time exploring red wriggler worms. We’ll discuss what composting is, why it matters, and how to care for a vermicomposting bin.


Bike Blender Presentation (Grades K-12)

Smoothies made from our bike blender are always a hit. For $250/presentation, we run the blender, using nut-free ingredients, and discuss active school travel with students, OR you can rent it outright for $180 plus $500 deposit. Please let us know in advance about any allergy concerns in advance to the presentation. 

For Presentations outside of Winnipeg, there will be an additional fee. 





Tracking the Blue Box (Grades K-12, $180, 45 minutes)

Everyone is curious about what happens to recyclables after they get picked up. Using samples and illustrations, this presentation tracks four common materials (paper, metal, glass, plastic) from blue box through re-processing to end use. With older students, we also critically consider the role of recycling as a resource conservation practice. Our most popular presentation.

Buy Less, Fix More, Trade Often (Grades 6-12, $180, 45 minutes)

Have you ever thought about the resources required to make your cell phone? Or what it took to produce the jeans you are wearing? From resource extraction to disposal, the materials economy has created a linear system of consumption on the finite planet we call home. This presentation covers ways to help our planet – buy lessfix more, trade often, and divert all waste from the landfill.

Waste Audit (Grades 1-12, Contact us for availability and cost, presented by Compost Team)

How much waste does your school produce in 24 hours? And how much of that should be going to recycling, reuse, or compost? We can help you run one or more waste audits on your school with the participation of students and staff. Waste audits are customized based on what teachers are looking for.



Protecting Mother Earth (Grades 5-8, 1 hour, in person)

Intended for First Nation classrooms, this presentation provides a basic understanding of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in relation to Indigenous worldviews – how we are connected with the planet and how we must find a harmonious balance with our environment for the sake of the next seven generations. This includes actions students can take at home, in school, or within their community. Examples will explore what other schools in First Nation communities around Manitoba are doing to reduce their impact on Mother Earth. 

Living Sustainably (Grades 9-12)

PART 1 (60 minutes, in person)

Intended for First Nation schools, this presentation provides a basic understanding for high school students about Traditional Ecological Knowledge, its role in protecting the environment, and how that knowledge is connected to Indigenous worldviews. This includes an overview of current waste practices in various First Nation communities around Manitoba and examples of how communities are making changes to live more sustainable ways of life to ensure there’s a healthy planet for the next seven generations. Students will learn actions they can take to respect the environment.

PART 2 (60 minutes, in person)
Jeopardy Game: Environmental Edition

As a follow up to the presentation, we will play an environmental version of Jeopardy for the students to put into practice what they just learned. Just like the real game, students are split into 3 teams, they pick and choose categories that are based upon the content provided through the Grade 9-12 Living Sustainably presentation, and try to finish with the most points to win! Prizes are given out to the winning team as well as participation prizes for all students!

En ce moment, toute service de compostage n’est pas disponible en français! Nous sommes actuellement en train de traduire les aperçus des services. Merci de patienter!

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