Greening the ClassroomFrom hands-on projects to personal responsibility, the tips, projects, and concepts outlined in this guide take a community-based approach to learning about environmental issues.

School ServicesComposting, biking, walking, professional development. We can help you reach your ESD goals.

Master List of Resources. Ideas for action, hot topics, and ideas on how to live greener. Appropriate for many ages.

Environmental ABC’s. Environment-themed words for every letter of the alphabet.

Earth Manners
Greenhouse Gas Review
Packaging Activity Sheet
Paper Facts
Supermarket Stroll
Water Backgrounder

Plan and Implement Active Travel Programming

  • Active and Safe Routes to School in Manitoba: Program Handbook and Resource Guide—Ideas and support to get you started with active school travel and to maintain your progress. Stay tuned for an update!
  • BikeWalkRoll—30-second homeroom surveys help you to track your school’s progress and us to understand how students travel to school across Manitoba. A must for school travel programs!
  • CounterPoint—Designed to count bicycles, pedestrians and other forms of traffic that often get missed when planning transportation. We are changing that. Get your class involved in counting all the different transportation modes around the school neighbourhood.
  • Active Travel in the Manitoba Curriculum—Biking, walking, and rolling integrate into what you are already teaching! Find your subject and get inspired.
  • Let Grow Project—This program is free, fast, and simple, and American school administrators are raving about it. It helps children develop independence and resilience through asking their parents for permission to try new things on their own.

Special Events Inspiration

  • Walktober Event and Activity Ideas
  • Bike to School Month Event and Activity Ideas
  • Customizable Walktober Participation Certificate (Powerpoint): English / French
  • Track Your Progress Posters
    Use stickers to track how students are getting to school each day!
    1. Bike to School Month and Clean Air Day Tracking Poster
      • Full-size 24″ x 36″: English / French
      • 8.5″ x 11″ (4 sheets) – please ensure that your print options are set to “Fit” rather than “Actual size”): English / French
    2. Walktober / le Mois Marchons vers l’école
      • Full-size 24″x36″: English / French
      • 8.5″ x 11″ (4 sheets) – please ensure that your print options are set to “Fit” rather than “Actual size”): English / French