Composting is an easy way to save money while significantly reducing waste and our impact on the environment. It is as well a great way to educate youth on environmental concerns, soil ecology, and the science of how organic material breaks down into rich soil amendment. Recycling programs are common in schools so why not introduce another recycling program of sorts, composting!

A composting program provides a great opportunity for students of all ages to take part in a hands on experience while at the same time giving students an opportunity to work together to achieve a common goal. The process and benefits could be built right into lesson plans through composting-related activities or demonstrations.

Many schools in Manitoba are already successfully composting. Here in Winnipeg St. James-Assiniboia School Division strongly believes in educating children on sustainable living and is encouraging their schools to compost. They make it easy by providing them with the tools and resources to compost successfully.

A recent article in the Herald showed how one family is trying to build support for composting in their area. Kelly Mitchell, an avid composter, is collecting food waste from her daughter’s school, but hopes to convince the River East School Division to undertake a division wide composting program. “There are so many opportunities with composting,” Mitchell has indicated, and we at Green Action Centre agree.

If your school would like to find out more about starting or maintaining a successful composting program, Green Action Centre is there to help. Feel free to browse our website for information or contact Teresa at or by phone at 204-925-3777.