In Your Community

Osborne Village Jane's Walk promotes walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy, and cities planned for and by people.

The environmental impacts of our local communities are a result of how they are designed, the waste we create, the energy we use, our housing and transportation choices, and the community spaces we inhabit. The good news is that small steps add up to big changes. So getting your neighbours involved in reducing waste, growing local food and increasing opportunities to walk and cycle can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of our communities. Working and volunteering together also give us opportunities to get to know each other, strengthening our shared purpose and creating a greater sense of belonging.

Act Local, Think Global

Local champions (people like you) have a critical role to play. In this section, we offer practical programs, events and ideas that you can bring home to your neighbourhood.

Think you’d like to be a community leader? Tap into David Suzuki’s Community Leaders Network to get connected with people doing this work all across Canada!

Community Composting

Composting - Community composting

Community composting programs are a great way to educate your community, bring people together, and share in making a difference to the environment. Learn how you can help start a program with your group or community.