If you previously secured a seat to the original event in April, you should have an email from Green Action Centre to honour it with updated information. We have additional capacity now, so have released additional seats to the previously SOLD OUT event!

On Wednesday, May 25th Green Action Centre will welcome Strong Towns’ Charles Marohn to Winnipeg. Charles released Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town in 2021. This book is a follow-up to Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity. In this book tour presentation, Marohn demonstrates how the values of engineers and other transportation professionals are applied in the design process, and how those priorities differ from the values of the general public. By showing how transportation investments are a means to an end and not an end unto themselves, Marohn reveals how the standard approach to issues like fighting congestion, addressing speeding, and designing intersections only makes transportation problems worse, at great cost in terms of both safety and resources. By contrast, the Strong Towns approach to transportation focuses on bottom-up techniques for spending less and getting higher returns, all while improving quality of life for residents of a community. Green Action Centre is thrilled to be working with Peg City Car Co-op Philip Mikulec, Erik Dickson of the City of Winnipeg’s Transportation Division and Michel Durand-Wood to plan an exciting and impactful event for the Manitoba audience.

Tickets are now available for The Confessions Tour: Transportation for a Strong Town.


Like many cities in Canada, Winnipeg has gone through a period of record growth, and yet our financial position has never been worse. Our approach to transportation results in a dozen deaths on average every year and hundreds of residents with serious or life-altering injuries. What did we get wrong, and what can we do now, and into the future, to ensure we have a successful transportation system that contributes to the quality of life of all residents?

The lessons Charles shares will apply to those in Winnipeg as well as municipalities across the province. Whether you are a planner, developer, transportation engineer, municipal leader or community advocate, you will want to attend this important event.

Following Charles’ keynote, attendees will be divided into groups to participate in a series of breakout sessions to bring the high-level concepts to the local reality around us. Be part of the transportation transformation in your town!



Charles Marohn photo, smilingCharles Marohn, known as “Chuck” to friends and colleagues, is the founder and president of Strong Towns. He is a professional engineer and a land use planner with decades of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, both from the University of Minnesota.

Marohn is the author of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity (Wiley, 2019), and of Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town (Wiley, 2021). He hosts the Strong Towns Podcast and is a primary writer for Strong Towns’ web content. He has presented Strong Towns concepts in hundreds of cities and towns across North America. Planetizen named him one of the 10 Most Influential Urbanists of all time.

Thank you to our sponsors for making The Confessions Tour: Transportation for a Strong Town possible!


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