Time to start gearing up for Commuter Challenge 2023!

What is the Commuter Challenge

Commuter Challenge is a week-long event that encourages participants to partake in sustainable transportation for their health, for the environment and for workplace morale! Register online by yourself or with a team and log your trips for a chance to win some great local prizes. This event is open to all Manitobans and is a national event, so there is some friendly competition between provinces! For Commuter Challenge, it is encouraged that you form a team with members of your workplace, as workplace participation is measured and you could have a chance at winning additional prizes.

What is New this Year?

Now that much of the pandemic is behind us, many people have made their way back to their workplaces. Last year, Commuter Challenge expanded to include more trips and leisure activities. This year, only trips that are part of your commute or daily essential transportation are included. What does this mean? Its means you can log your trips for getting to and from work, dropping off or picking your kids up for school, traveling to and from University, or traveling to pick up essentials such as groceries or running an errand. What is not included? Leisure activities are not included. Commuting in a single family vehicle is also not included. Prizes this year will reflect participation rather than rankings, aside from a few categories so you still have a chance to win if you can only log a few times.

Get your Workplace Ready!

Leading up to the annual Commuter Challenge event is the perfect time to implement changes within your workplace.

Follow these tips in the link below to make your workplace Commuter Challenge all-stars and sustainable commuting friendly year round.

Read more here.

Get Yourself Ready!

However you plan to commute sustainably, there are things you can do to get ready in advance.

Walking? Plan your route, download some podcasts, and make sure you have some comfortable shoes.

Cycling? Plan your route, get your bike tuned, and ensure you have safe bike parking at your destination. If you’re new to cycling, connect with a cycling mentor using GoManitoba.

Busing? Get familiar with the routes close to you, fill up your peggo card, and grab a good book. If you’re new to busing, connect with a busing mentor using GoManitoba.

Carpooling? Connect with coworkers about sharing a ride to work.  If not, GoManitoba can help you connect with carpool partners near you!

Telecommuting? Ensure your workplace allows work to be done at home and prepare your at-home office.

Rollerblading, Skateboarding or Scootering? Make sure you have somewhere to store your equipment at work and that you have all the right safety equipment such as a helmet, elbow/knee pads etc

Visit this link to see the Software Manual and read over how to sign up on the platform so there is less confusion when registration opens. 

Stay Tuned!

Registration is not currently open, however the website is live so if you happen to be eager and sign up, no worries. It just means you signed up very early, so stay tuned for the official opening date as well as information on prizes and events.


If you have more questions, visit our FAQ page or email the project coordiantor at ariel@greenactioncentre.ca or challenge@greenactioncentre.ca






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