Red River Co-op is doing some great work in food waste reduction!

And we’re excited to partner with them to explore new ideas to reduce theirs, and all Manitobans food waste! So far they have diverted over 540,000kg of food waste since 2021 in partnership with some great organizations! 🙌 


Who They’ve Been Working With

Compost Winnipeg

  • Compost Winnipeg collects inedible food and scraps from their grocery stores to be turned into compost!


  • Leftovers picks up good food that is close to its best before date to distribute to different service agencies!


  • Loop partners rural stores with farmers, where farmers can pick up food that would normally go to waste and use it as animal feed!


Here’s how we’ve been working with the St. Vital and Seasons locations on food waste reduction:

♻️ waste audits to improve the stores’ waste management systems

♻️ meeting with their Green Teams to come up with ideas that work for them

♻️ public education about how to reduce food waste at home




For More Information

  • check out the St. Vital and Seasons locations for in-store food waste tips
  • Check out our tips and tricks to reduce your food waste here
  • watch these webinars on food waste reduction and food rescue to learn more:



If you haven’t already, head down to their St. Vital or Seasons locations to check out some of our tips! And click here for more recipes, info and resources!