Food Waste Reduction

Tips & Tricks

Green Action Centre and Red River Co-op Grocery Stores have teamed up to help you reduce your food waste at home.

Below we’ve compiled handy recipes, storage and food usage tips.  Check them out to find fun & creative ways to save your food and your money!


Want to reduce your food waste and find more fun recipes to try out? Here is a list of recipes to use up food scraps you might be used to throwing out:


Below are some common food items with helpful information on how to store them so they last longer, and creative ways to use them up:


There are some great resources out there to learn more about food waste and reduction! We have compiled a list of some of them to help you learn more

If you want to find out more helpful information about a specific ingredient, including storage and recipe ideas, you can search here

Find more recipes, along with more planning and storage tips to reduce food waste here. You can search to meet your dietary needs, and/or search for recipes with foods that are scraps or past their prime

You can read some insightful documents from Second Harvest on food waste from all along the supply chain: production, post-harvest, processing, distribution, retail and at home. Find out some solutions to cutting down on food waste at all these levels

Best before dates are not the same as expiry dates. Check out this article to learn more