Green Action Centre and its Board of Directors are announcing the forthcoming retirement of our Executive Director, Tracy Hucul, effective later in Spring 2022. In almost nine years at Green Action Centre, Tracy’s leadership and contributions have been exemplary. We will miss her steadfast commitment to the organization and environmental action, and we are very thankful for the effort she has dedicated, the strong relationships she has cultivated, and the significant accomplishments she has celebrated in collaboration with the staff of Green Action Centre.

Tracy has been a critical and leading component in the success and growth of Green Action Centre, tripling both the staff contingent and operational output of the organization during her tenure as Executive Director. Tremendous growth and accomplishments have been made in programs supporting sustainability and green living; in collaboration with First Nations, local governments and the private sector in Manitoba; and in the launch of a successful social enterprise in Compost Winnipeg.

“I have loved my role and found great meaning in my work,” said Tracy. “It’s been a remarkable journey and I am proud of our impact, but no leader accomplishes anything alone. I’ve been blessed with an incredibly committed, passionate staff and an engaged, caring board. I’ve also met many amazing people over the years, working to make our province and planet better, and I genuinely want to thank them.


I know that Green Action Centre is on solid ground and well positioned for the years ahead, which makes it a good time for a transition. I am excited to slow down and I am also optimistic that new leadership will bring new strengths and create fresh opportunities to further our mission to promote green living.


Regardless of where my path takes me, I will remain an advocate both for Green Action Centre and for the climate action that urgently needs to happen in our city and province.”

Green Action Centre has struck an Executive Search Committee and is now seeking an Executive Director to take the reins from Tracy, who will stay on and assist during the transition to ensure continued stability.

Details on the job posting are available here. We invite you to help us identify candidates who can continue to lead Green Action Centre along our successful trajectory.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Green Action Centre, I’d like to extend a warm and hearty congratulations to Tracy on her announcement. She has truly helped build Green Action Centre into what it is today and has positioned it for future success. While we will miss her dearly, we offer her our sincere gratitude and wish her the best.

Neil - chair of the board 2022




– Neil Richard, Chair of the Board, Green Action Centre