Bike Everywhere Month and Clean Air Day 2022 were a success!

As schools and activities gradually moved away from the virtual realm again this year, we were excited to hold our annual Clean Air Day event in person at St. Johns Park on June 8th, 2022! 

This year, Bike Everywhere Month and Clean Air Day activities reached nearly 4000 students and children across Manitoba.


Participated in either event and have feedback or comments to share?
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At the core of Bike Everywhere Month 2022, there was an activity kit to support classrooms and families in learning and practicing safe cycling, while having fun. Kids got to explore creative design, mapping, skill building, knowing your bike, and sharing your ride.

A big thank you to teachers, administrators, parents, and students who registered and shared the activities with the children and youth in their life!


  • Nearly 3500 students and kids registered
  • Participants said Bike Everywhere Month helped them learn most about: Physical Activity & Healthy Living, Bike Safety, and Active Transportation.
  • Three schools won a full day of Bike Repair Workshops from The WRENCH!

We awarded class points for active transport each day for the month. My class showed the up to date results on a giant bar graph in the hall for all to see. Lots of kids would stop to check out how their class was doing and get excited if they were in the lead!” – A Bike Everywhere Teacher

“Bike to school, bike to the park, bike to be fun, bike to be healthier. I am new comer in Canada and I love to bike in Winnipeg with my family. In my home country is not possible going biking to the school with your kids! My kids love going biking to the school” – A Bike Everywhere Parent

Our favourite part this year was seeing lots of participants encouraging other participants, friends, and family members to join the fun.  No better way to get others involved than inviting and modelling it yourself.

Though May is over, the activity kit will stay up for anyone to use. You can find the kit here. Share it widely, and let us know what resources you found most helpful!

Bike Everywhere Month could not have happened without the support of our sponsors and partners.

Thanks to the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.

Another Clean Air Day in the books! This year, for the first time in three years, we were so excited to return to an in-person event! June 8th was a warm, sunny Wednesday to get outside and enjoy the fresh air at St. Johns Park in Winnipeg. With the support of Health Canada, we hosted an all-day event with nearly 500 students and kids from across Winnipeg.

My family and I had such a great time going to all of the different stations. The location was great people running stations did a great job explaining the task/activity. It will be an event I continue to attend in the future. Thanks for providing us with a great day to learn and have fun. – Parent

Students and kids recieved a ‘Clean Air Day passport’ when they arrived at the event, and had to visit all the stations on the passport to do their educational activities and learn about sustinability, air quality, and more. When they completed the passport, they handed it in to receive a freezie and to be entered to win a pizza party for their class!

This year, we were thrilled to host activity stations from the following organizations:

Health Canada

Fit Kids Healthy Kids

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC)

Energy 106

Canada Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

Bike Winnipeg

Recycle Everywhere


Thanks to all of our volunteers, schools, organizations, and staff that made Clean Air Day possible this year!


A big thanks to our sponsor, Health Canada, for providing support for this event and coming out to teach the students about air quality.