Bike EVERYWHERE Month Activity Kit

Bike to School Month 2020 

May 1 – May 31, 2020

Here are a set of activities to learn about transportation, experience the joy of riding bikes, and get outside to explore your neighbourhood. Learn new skills and have fun!

The activities are in 5 categories. You can do a section at a time, or mix and match! Do one, do some, or do them all.

Creative Design

Street ReDesign

Think about how the space on your street could be used differently. Redesign a street!



Need help with printing?

Some of these activities are best printed, like “Street Redesign” and “Design Your Own Bike”. Don’t have access to a printer? We have a limited number to mail out; drop us a line at and let us know!

Design your own bike

What do you want your bike to look like? What about your helmet? Print off these sheets to design your own bikes, helmets, and bike path sign!

Don’t have a printer? Then enjoy the freedom of a blank canvas. Draw and colour your own bike!



Happy Mapping

Explore places in your neighbourhood that make you happy. Then add them to the map at! 

Map your ride

Plan a bike ride with fun stops along the way!

Go to your favourite place in your neighbourhood or check out a few
along the way. Use maps to learn how to get there safely on your bike. There are special maps to help us get around on our bikes! 

Check out the activity sheet (and videos)
Learn how to choose destinations, use maps to find routes, and find safer streets to cycle on in your neighbourhood.   

Bonus activity: Fun with Google Maps
Explore your neighbourhood with the bike layer!

Get to know your bike


*WOW, thank you everyone for your interest in these! All of the Bikecraft kits are spoken for. When ArtsJunktion reopens, they will again have some craft supplies available. Follow them on social media or visit to stay updated.**

Cycle Safety

Tips and useful information for staying safe while riding bikes. Learn MPI’s top 10 road safety tips, three-step bike maintenance, the 2V1 rule, and more!

Bike Badges

Maintenance Badge

Learn bike maintenance >

Bike Skills Badge

Learn biking skills >

Skill Building

Glide to Ride

Go from 4 wheels to 2!

Taking the leap to riding a bike without training wheels can be daunting. Learn a safe and simple way to start riding a bike on 2 wheels. First you want to learn to glide, then you’ll start to ride!

Three easy steps:
Step 1. Remove the pedals, so you can use your bike like a pushbike. Sit on the bike seat, and walk your bike. This helps the rider get comfortable with controlling their bike. Once you have some practice walking, go to step 2.

Step 2. Now you get to glide – try coasting. Sit on the seat, and start walking your bike forward. Then lift your feet in the air! How far can you coast? Once you’re comfortable coasting and can do it well, move on to the third step.

Step 3. Put the pedals back on. Get on your bike, take a few walking steps to get some speed, then put your feet on the pedals and start pedaling.

Check out our activity sheet with photos and videos that show you how.

You can also watch the full video from Family Fun Pack. 

Let Grow Project

Encourage you kids and students to try something new! Build skills, confidence and resiliency with healthy and safe independence. 

Allowing children to do something new on their own can be scary, but also rewarding. Let go so they can grow! Here is a simple project for kids of all ages: Let Grow. Together, you and your child pick one (or a few) things they want to do on their own. 

Let Grow Project: PreK-K >>

Let Grow Project: Grades K-6 >> 

Let Grow Project: Grades 6-9 >>

Share your ride

Share your Bike Everywhere Month activity on social media! Post photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of you on a bike ride or doing a Bike Everywhere Month activity for a chance to win a prize.

1. Post a photo online of you on a bike ride (or any Bike Everywhere activity!)
2. Use #BikeEverywhereMB
3. Tag @greenactioncentre

Use more hashtags to celebrate safe streets for riding bikes! 


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