May 1 – May 31, 2022


The warm-weather bike season is just getting started… Register your family, class, or entire school. 

1. ACTIVITY KIT: pick and choose activities from our online activity kit


  • Street ReDesign
  • Letter to your local politician and official 

3. WORKSHOPS: Registered schools will be placed in a draw to receive a bike repair workshop from the WRENCH by the end of the school year! 

4. PARTICIPATION PRIZES! Be entered to win great local prizes from Toad Hall Toys, McNally Robinson Booksellers, and Tall Grass Prairie just for registering!

5. SHARE YOUR RIDE: Share a photo of your Bike Everywhere Month activities on social media with #BikeEverywhereMB and tag Green Action Centre for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Woodcock Cycle Works!

To get started, fill out the 3 minute registration form HERE 

What’s In it For me?

Feel good

Bikes + spring weather + quiet streets = exploring your neighbourhood at a safe distance from others.


Learn better

Schooling has been extremely tough this year. With outdoor activity and fresh air, kids can focus better when they need to be working indoors.

Lighten your impact

Now is the perfect time to leave the car at home more often, reducing emissions and air pollution!

Activity Kit 

What’s in the activity kit?

A set of activities to learn about transportation, experience the joy of riding bikes, and get outside to explore your neighbourhood. Learn new skills and have fun! You can do a section at a time, or mix and match! Do one, do some, or do them all.

The activities are in 5 categories: creative design, mapping, skill building, know your bike, and share your ride.

    Here’s a peek at one of our activities:

    Street ReDesign: Explore streets and urban design

    Imagine what your street could look like if we used our street space in a different way!

    Clean Air Day

    June 8, 2022

    Wrap-up event and final celebration for Bike Everywhere Month.

    Celebrate a successful month of riding bikes and explore other ways we can take care of the planet at Clean Air Day. Stay tuned for more details about this event!

    More Info

    How will I get the activities?

    Activities will be emailed to everyone registered for Bike Everywhere Month 2022, register HERE.

    We don’t all have bikes. Can we participate?

    Everyone is welcome to register! You don’t have to have a bike. Many of the activities will work well on scooters, skateboards, or even running!

    We’re big fans of anything that gets kids moving in the community.


    Share Your Ride

    Share what you get up to using our event hashtags on social media (and have a chance to win prizes!)


    Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners