Bike to School Month 2020 

May 1 – May 31, 2020

This year, Bike to School Month is about 


May 1 – May 31 2020

Riding bikes is a great way for kids (and grown-ups!) to get the activity they need to stay healthy.

This month gives everyone a little push to discover how using a bike can make everyday trips a joy! Biking isn’t just for getting to school. It’s great a great way to keep healthy (and safe) while getting exercise, getting groceries, or spending time with your friends. 

It’s a month for everyone to get outside and get movin’!

Bike Everywhere Month is a series of challenges, activities, outdoor adventures, and indoor learning. You can plan to celebrate for a day, week, or month using our online Activity Kit! 

Sign up your kids, family, classroom or school to participate!

What’s In it For me?

Feel good

Bikes + spring weather + quiet streets = exploring your neighbourhood at a safe distance from others.


Learn better

Homeschooling can be tough. With outdoor activity and fresh air, kids can focus when they need to be working indoors.

Lighten your impact

Now is the perfect time to leave the car at home more often, reducing emissions and air pollution!

More Info

Some FAQs 

What will be in the activity kit?

We’ll provide you with activities and fun challenges, including:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Bike Route Mapping
  • Bike Games

Have an activity you’d like to see? Email your idea to! 

How will I get the activities?

We will email an Activity Kit to everyone who registers! All you have to do is register your kids, family, or classroom, and we’ll email online activities and resources to you, that you can either download and print or use on your mobile device or computer.

How do we win prizes?

There’s a range of prizes available for registered kids, families and classes. Categories include:

  • Participation Prize: Just register—it’s that easy!
  • Social Media Prize: Share your Bike There Month activity! Every time you tag Green Action Centre your name will be entered into the draw.*
  • Challenge a Friend: Challenge a friend on social media to go for a bike ride, and have your name entered into the draw.**details on how to participate coming soon

How can I get started right now?

Give your bike a quick safety check, get educated on the best cycling routes in your community (Winnipeg here), and get out on a ride!

We don’t all have bikes. Can we participate?

Everyone is welcome to register! You don’t have to have a bike. Many of the activities will work well on scooters, skateboards, or even running!

We’re big fans of anything that gets kids moving in the community. (Just make sure to respect 2 metres of social distance when outdoors)


Share The Fun

Share what you get up to using our event hashtags (Coming Soon!)

Have a question?

We’re here to help!

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