2020 was an unprecedented year for us. How do you get more kids riding to school when the schools are closed?

The answer: Bike Everywhere Month!

Kids have so many places to go. Friends’ homes, parks, neighbourhood trails, community centres, and of course, schools. What better time to practice safe cycling to all of these places, when the streets are quieter than ever and people itching to get outside for some spring sunshine?

We weren’t sure if Manitobans would be on board. We didn’t know at the time that as the weather warmed, people would take over street space to allow for physical distancing. The City of Winnipeg added more open streets and expanded their hours. Bike shops everywhere were selling out of their stock, and even simple repairs required a substantial wait. Manitobans were getting out on their bikes and experiencing their communities in a new way, and embraced Bike Everywhere Month with open arms!

This is an excellent initiative! …Get them used to biking/walking/rolling now, so it becomes that much more evident how easy and fun it is to use these methods of getting around and how we could always live like this.—A Bike Everywhere Month teacher

Kids got busy with their activities!

At the core of Bike Everywhere Month was an activity kit to support families in learning and practicing safe cycling, while having fun. Kids got to redesign their streets, plan out bike routes in their neighbourhood, earn their bike badges, and decorate their bikes with craft kits provided by Arts Junktion in Winnipeg.

Though May is over, the activity kit will stay up for anyone to use. You can find the kit here. Share it widely, and let us know what resources would be most useful to help you, your family, and others in your community use your bike for local trips!

Teachers and Schools Took “Bike Everywhere” to Heart!

Man and woman riding single file down a calm residential street.

Educators and administrators in St. James-Assiniboia, Pembina Trails, Seven Oaks, and Louis Riel School Divisions wowed us with their cycling aptitude! Whether it was visiting hard-working staff, delivering care packages to students, or psyching up students to share their rides on social media, they were true “roll models” for active and healthy transportation!

Bike Everywhere Month by the numbers:

86 teachers

226 families

2 school division bike tours

9 activities to promote safe and independent cycling


Bike Everywhere Month could not have happened without the support of our sponsors and partners. Thanks to the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance, and ArtsJunktion for making it possible.