Winter fun doesn’t have to stop because of work… in fact, winter fun should be part of your workday!

Go for a walk to break up the day, choose an active commute, take a bike around the block before starting your WFH day, and register your workplace for Jack Frost Challenge! Even if you are not in the office, you can use this years Jack Frost Challenge to reconnect with your coworkers – challenge your colleagues, get each other back on track to being more active, even get different departments to create teams to have a little friendly competition within the company! We are sure a lot of people miss the casual conversation and water cooler chats so this is a great opportunity to bring some fun social connections that we all miss back to your day to day!

Register for the Jack Frost Challenge with your workplace and/or co-workers to incorporate more winter fun into your daily routine during the week of February 13-19, 2022 and beyond!

We also have a ton of resources for team and workplace coordinators to help promote JFC and show your love for winter

There are different ways you and/or your workplace can get involved that all give you different ways to WIN! Here’s your options:

  • Register your entire workplace to compete against other workplaces for the highest average kilometres (qualifies your team for the Most Kilometre Workplace prize)
    • 8 Gift Certificates for 6 Doughnuts (48 Doughnuts) from Oh Doughnuts
    • Complimentary Sustainable Transportation Presentation/Cycling Workshop OR complimentary Bike Blender Rental from Green Action Centre
  • And as long as your workplace reaches the cumulative goal of 130km’s you will not only earn bragging rights, but you will also get a certificate of achievement as proof!

See all available prizes here.

We also recommend putting together prizes or incentives yourself! Employers can do this to encourage some inter-office fun and competition to see who wins the prize(s) within the company or organization! Simply gather your prizes and choose how people can win using the data provided through logging kilometres.

To go even further, a few workplaces have also taken the opportunity to add activities to their schedule for the week, such as; an afternoon skate, a walk to a coffee shop, a lunchtime curling game, a group snowshoe, and so much more!
Involving your workplace in JFC and promoting activities internally is a great way to demonstrated the workplaces’ commitment to both the health of their employees and the environment.
If you want any additional information on how to get your workplace involved please visit our JFC homepage!


Thank you to our sponsors!