Jack Frost Challenge Coordinator Materials

7 Days – 130 Kilometres

The Jack Frost Challenge | Bougeons en Hiver is a free, week-long challenge for ALL Manitobans.

Gather a team of 1-5 family members, friends, or co-workers to complete 130 collective kilometres of outdoor activities. This could include walking, running, biking, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and more!

Register and log your kilometres of outdoor activity during the week of February 7 – 13, 2021.

We hope you join us for the TENTH annual Jack Frost Challenge | Bougeons en Hiver.

Let’s move, Manitoba!


General Registration Link → Opens January 2021

Team Registration Link → Opens January 2021

Log Kilometres → Starting February 7, 2021

Logging Kilometres

We recommend using an activity tracking watch, Google MapsStrava, or our very own GoManitoba App. Visit our FAQ Page for further information.

See our winter activity conversion chart below:

(All distances are approximate, please consider levels of exertion before choosing an estimated distance)

Activity 15 Minutes 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Shovelling Snow 1.5 Kilometres 3 Kilometres 6 Kilometres
Building Snow Fort 1 Kilometre 2 Kilometres 4 Kilometres
Building Snow Person 1 Kilometre 2 Kilometres 4 Kilometres
Ice Skating (Easy) 1 Kilometre 2 Kilometres 4 Kilometres
Ice Skating (Moderate) 1.5 Kilometres 3 Kilometres 6 Kilometres
Pond Hockey 2 Kilometres 4 Kilometres 8 Kilometres
Tobogganing 1.5 Kilometres 3 Kilometres 6 Kilometres

Logging ‘Bulk’ Kilometres

Using the ‘Bulk Entry’ function is a great way for workplace coordinators and teachers/administrators to encourage more people to take on the Jack Frost Challenge!

The team coordinator can track kilometres throughout the week using this spreadsheet. Once the week is over, team coordinators can send this to challenge@greenactioncentre.ca AND enter the cumulative kilometres for each active mode.

This way, all kilometres go towards the totals for Manitoba and each individual participant has a chance to win prizes!

To use the ‘Bulk Entry’ function, log in as a team coordinator.

Go to the top right corner of the screen for a menu that reads “Results | Profile | Bulk Entry | Log Out”. Select the ‘Bulk Entry‘ button. Once you arrive on the ‘Bulk Entry’ page, look under the ‘Your Locations’ section and click the pencil icon.

From there, enter the number of participants and the number of kilometres per mode. For the purposes of Jack Frost Challenge, please enter all walking, running, snowshoeing, skating, and skiing activities under the ‘walking’ mode.