Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register as an individual?

Yes! You can register as an individual, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons, or 5 persons.

How do I track my kilometres?

We recommend using an activity tracking watch, Google MapsStrava, or our very own GoManitoba App.

Google Maps – Be sure to select your mode of transportation (walking or biking) to give a better estimate of the time it will take.

Google Maps Off-Road – To calculate the distance along a straight line between two points, right-click on the first point and select “Measure distance”. Right-click at the next point in the line and select “Distance to here”. You can add as many points to the path as you like and a total distance will be calculated at the bottom of the page.

Not working? Try these links: (De-select “Snap to Road”) (select “Straight Line”)

Can my child(ren) under 14 participate?

Absolutely! This year, we are taking extra steps to ensure children under the age of 14 can participate with their families. Our Active and Safe Routes to School team is assisting schools and families wanting to take part in the challenge by coordinating Winter Walk Day and Winter Bike to School Day.

How can a teacher register their class and input kilometres?

A teacher can register their class as they would any other team. As for inputting kilometres, there is an option for ‘bulk entry‘ designed for when staff/students cannot register and log kilometres themselves. Enter cumulative km and participants at the end of the week.
Add cumulative total km for each sustainable mode. Your entry today will overwrite previous entries.

How can I change my team name after I have registered?

1. Log in to this page.
2. Go to the options at the top right corner and select ‘profile’
3. Look for the ‘company’ option
4. Edit your team name and hit update
How can I change the number of team members on my team?
Unfortunately, this is something you are unable to change once your team has been created. This requires some extra planning prior to registering your team. 

Can I participate even if I don’t live in Winnipeg?

Of course, you can! This is a challenge for ALL Manitobans to take part in.

Can I participate even if I don’t live in Manitoba?

Yes, you can! When registering your team, find the message beside the city option to read ‘City not listed here?
Let us know and we will get it added to the list promptly.’ Send that email to in order to register under your city. 

How can I support Green Action Centre through my participation?

Thank you for wanting to support Green Action Centre! You can ask friends and families to sponsor the kilometres you log as an individual or as a team. Every bit helps! Find sponsorship details here.

How can I bring the Jack Frost Challenge to my community?

Thank you for wanting to spread the frost! Please download our promotional materials for distribution when they become available.

Why are my logged ‘other’ activities displaying as ‘walking’?

Unfortunately, that’s a problem with the back end function of the website, at this time it displays everything as walking on the front end. I would recommend tracking the modes of activity separately, in case the issue is resolved it will display your true travel modes. For now, it will combine automatically as walking.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our program coordinator