Registration is officially OPEN for the 2024 Jack Frost Challenge!

Read this blog for helpful tips & tricks! 

Our true winter weather has finally arrived and with that the 2024 Jack Frost Challenge Registration is officially OPEN! This years challenge takes place February 11-17, 2024. We hope you are as excited as we are for the 13th annual Jack Frost Challenge! 

We encourage you to reconnect with your friends and family, join as teams or compete family to family, race your friends to see who gets the most km’s in the week or challenge each other to a new activity! We also recommend you try out some new active winter commuting options during the week. We hope Manitobans will take advantage of all the amazing trails and fun activities we can enjoy, so get outside, get active, and stay cool this winter!


Registration is FREE and there are amazing prizes to be won (more on this coming soon)!



Read these steps to avoid getting frazzled while registering. 

  1. Choose your team members! 
  2. Choose a unique, fun name. 
  3. Have your team leader register through the team registration portal ~ don’t worry there isn’t any extra work from you as team lead, other than being the contact if your team WINS! 
  4. Once your team is registered, all team members (including the team lead) must register under the individual portal. Select your team name from the dropdown menu and your stats will get added to the team total during the challenge week!

People who wish to participate without a team can just register under the individual registration link and select “unaffiliated” from the drop down menu.

More Information


Families, schools, classes and KIDS!

One of the best parts about JFC is that everyone can get involved! We run a smaller event alongside the larger event just for kids and students under 14! Register your family, class, or entire school for some outdoor winter fun! Spend time doing outdoor activities during Jack Frost Challenge. Learn more and register at the link below. 

More information of JFC for Kids!


Did someone say prizes?!

Not only is joining JFC a great way to get active, change some habits and have a bit of winter fun, we also have so many awesome prizes that you could win by taking part! 

Eager Beavers – Register for the Early Bird deadline before January 31st to be entered to win a prize pack! 

Put your thinking toques on – Get creative with your team names! After the challenge we will be pinning team names against each other for the best team name chosen by popular vote! 

And That’s not all – we have a ton of other prizes that are available for participants, stay tuned for the release of the full prize list coming soon!


Logging Kilometers

Once the Challenge starts you can log your kilometres here. It is important to only log kilometres of activity and not steps (if you are walking etc.). If you are doing an activity that is less about going a certain distance, you can use the helpful graph below to determine how many kilometres your activity translates too. In order to keep track of kilometres if you are doing a distance based activity, apps like Strava and google maps are helpful.


Thank you to our sponsors!