Waste Reduction Week Manitoba

October 17-23, 2022

What is Waste Reduction Week? 

Green Action Centre is excited to present Waste Reduction Week in a Manitoba context, which is now part of Circular Economy Month!

Throughout the week of October 17-23, we will be highlighting the impacts waste has in our world, celebrating those who are working hard to reduce their waste, and providing practical solutions to help Manitobans reduce their waste.

Follow along on social media and our blog for resources and tips about reducing e-waste, textile waste, plastic waste, and food waste.

Join the Conversation on Social Media 

Support Circular Economy Month & Waste Reduction Week through social media year round using the official program hashtags #CircularEconomyMonth & #WasteReductionWeek.



What's the environmental impact of your wardrobe?

Please note: This calculator is powered by Thred Up, an online consignment store owned by Wal-Mart. We strong encourage people to choose local consignment/thrift options rather than purchasing clothes through Thred Up. 

52 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

Did you know that over 1/2 of all food produced in Canada is waste? In Manitoba a large portion of this food waste ends up in the landfill where it produces methane, a GHG much more potent than CO2.

Compostable Packaging Demystified

Unfortunately compostable packaging isn’t necessarily “better” for the environment. From oxodegradable to biodegradable there are lots of things to consider.

Black River First Nation Bike Rodeo

The First Nations Waste Minimization team hosted their first bike repair workshop with Winnipeg Trails and Black River First Nation. Follow along to see some of the highlights from this event!

Plastic Free July 2023

Follow along with us this Plastic Free July for tips on plastic waste reduction and low-waste giveaways from us and Planet Pantry!

Encourage City Council to Vote for a Sustainable Winnipeg!

Join our campaign to push City Council towards a city-wide compost collection!

International Compost Awareness Week 2023

Join us this week to celebrate the benefits of composting! This year’s theme is “For Healthier Soil, Healthier Food…Compost!”. Read more to find helpful compost tips and tricks!

Composting Basics & Getting Started

Spring is here and we know what that means…composting! Learn how to turn landfill-bound waste into nutrient rich gold for your garden!

Newcomers Project Recap

Read about Green Action Centre’s recent newcomer skill-building project, partnering with IRCOM!

FNWM hosts first ever Waste Coordinators Meetup!

Read about FNWM’s efforts in establishing an Indigenous waste management advisory group!

53 Ideas to make every day Earth Day

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22. To celebrate, we have included a wide range of ideas – cool, practical, and fun – all actions that can make a difference.

What is a Waste Audit?

Learn how to conduct a waste audit to find out how you can manage your waste better!

Have questions about Waste Reduction? Want to share your thoughts about Waste Reduction Week? We would love to hear from you.

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