As October has come to a close so has our Walktober programming. This year COVID-19 continued to be a challenge but many schools and students were still able to participate. Over 250 students from Amber Trails, Josef Teres, Margaret Park, J.B Mitchell, Oakbank and Lord Selkirk took took part in our in-person Walkabout programming. 

Students successfully navigated their communities and learned about an array of sustainable transportation options that are available to them. During the programming, students began to recognize the safe and unsafe aspects of their neighborhoods and recorded the data along the way.  

Students additionally got to act as citizen scientists and take air quality readings at two locations during the Walkabout. They were able to be hands-on with the particle counter apparatuses and use the colour meter for easy identification of the quality of the air. There was a nice range of data for some of the students which opened up great conversations regarding air quality, car emissions and pollutions. 

Accessibility discussions were present during our programming with the students. Students became familiar with spotting accessibility issues in their area including cracked sidewalks, a lack of ramps on sidewalks and missing braille sidewalk blocks. 

Teachers found this program equally insightful and engaging! Our programming was an excellent fit for the provincial grade 4 curriculum as it is part of the personal health syllabus. 

Green Action Centre would like to thank all the students and teachers involved in Walktober! We hope to hear and see from all of you next school year. A special thank you to Jeff Eyamie from Health Canada for providing extra particle counters for the students to use for the duration of our programming. 

Cameron Mackay