Have a long shopping list? This holiday gift basket filled with delicious and useful homemade goods makes a perfect present and also supports Green Action Centre!

Place your order now as a limited number of these unique and sustainable gift baskets are available. Please see details on their contents below.


To place your order, complete and submit the form below, then click on the Buy Now button to pay securely through PayPal. Please order by December 19, 2013.

Baskets are $75 and will be available for pick up or delivery from Dec. 16th to the 20th. Pick up will be at our office between 10am and 4:30pm or by appointment. To arrange another time, please contact Amanda at amanda(at)greenactioncentre.ca or (204) 925-3779.

Each basket contains:

  • One jar of lemon dishwasher tablets
  • One jar of mint toothpaste
  • One jar of brown sugar facial scrub
  • Two bars of mildly scented pink grapefruit soap
  • Two peppermint bath bombs
  • 1/2 dozen brown butter chocolate chip cookies
  • 1/2 dozen sugar cookies (some bicycles!)
  • 1/2 dozen pieces of chocolate fudge *may contain nuts
  • 4 granola bars *contains nuts
  • Recipes for all items
  • 1 reclaimed basket and spider tulle.

With recipes included, you’ll be able to make these items yourself. I was VERY intimidated at the thought of making soap, but there was no need. It was a cinch!

But I digress.  Other great things about these baskets:

  • Minimal waste involved and limited ‘new’ things were needed to put these together. All of the beautiful baskets (or tins or sleigh-shaped pots) were purchased from a second-hand store. They can continue to be re-used or donated back so more money can be raised for those organizations. 
  • The goodie bags were in the possession of staff for years and now are finally getting put to good use!
  • The mason jars are new but can be re-used again and again, either for re-gifting or preserving your harvest next fall. 
  • Where possible, ingredients were purchased in bulk.
  • And finally, the wrapping is fabric, which of course can be re-used and is definitely NOT cellophane.
We are also giving a basket away! Become a member between November 26th and December 20th for a chance to win.

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