EnviroSpy awards prizes to green students at University of Manitoba during Waste Reduction Week 2009.Waste Reduction Week was launched across Canada today. Here in Manitoba, schools, businesses and organizations are taking actions to lower their impact on the environment or to get people thinking about how they can reduce waste. At the University of Manitoba, several students will be acting as “Enviro-spies” watching out for green actions taken by their colleagues. Students exhibiting conspicuous green behaviours will be rewarded with prized throughout the week. On Friday, the Manitoba government announced a series of changes to the building code to help Manitobans waste less energy and water in their homes. Today Manitoba Conservation also announced $280 000 in funding for community waste reduction programs, including funding for Green Action Centre’s Composting, Environmental Speaker’s Bureau and Living Green, Living Well projects. Find out about Waste Reduction Week projects across Canada at the Waste Reduction Week‘s national website. For ideas on how you can get involved check out Green Action Centre’s Waste Reduction Week portal.