Canada Post has launched an advertising campaign to encourage people to take down their No Flyers stickers. CBC reports that the agency is sending 900,000 letters across the country to encourage citizens to accept junk mail. The No Flyers stickers, an acceptable form of notice that Canada Post employees will respect, is a popular option for residents to prevent much of the unsolicited mail received from advertisers.

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“The letter reminds residents that flyers, catalogues, product samples and community notices can ‘save you money and keep you connected with your local community.'” The underlying reason for the campaign is that Canada Post makes money on every flyer it distributes.

It is disturbing that a Crown Corporation should try to convince Canadians to accept more junk mail, a product that clutters our homes and is needlessly damaging to the environment.

About the 900,000 letters they sent:

  • It takes as many as 100 full grown trees to produce 900,000 letters (not including the envelopes).
  • These trees could have sequestered a tonne of carbon and stored and recycled 50,000 litres of stormwater each year.
  • They also could have provided important habitat and enhanced biodiversity.

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