Have you ever wanted to compost, but didn’t have the space to have an outdoor bin? Fear not, vermicomposting to the rescue! This small-scale indoor composting system is cheap to start up, easy to maintain, and perfect for those in apartments or condos. Whether you just want a refresher on the basics, or have never heard of vermicomposting before, come on out to our workshop to walk away with everything you need to know!

This is a FREE presentation. There is, however, a cost for supplies if you order the materials for your own vermicomposting kit. You’ll receive two rubbermaid bins, some starter bedding, and a enough red wriggler worms for your size of bin. We’ll provide the drills for putting air holes in and walk you through the set up right at the workshop. There are two sizes of kits available for you to choose from (at different costs) depending on how much fruit & vegetable waste you produce and your family size.


Registration still open for the free presentation portion of the workshop!


Date: Thursday, October 24th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $26.25 for an 11L worm bin, $44.50 for a 38L worm bin, or FREE if just watching the presentation

Venue info:

  • Bike racks are available inside the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre (near the back of the building). Staff at the front desk can direct you to the bike racks.
  • Fort Rouge Leisure centre is serviced by the following bus routes: 16 & 95. If these bus routes don’t work for you, try out carpooling with Go Manitoba!
  • The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.


This presentation is offered in partnership between Green Action Centre and Greenpeace Winnipeg.

If you have any questions, contact Kristen Malec at Green Action Centre at 204-925-3777 or kristen@greenactioncentre.ca