During the week of February 21 – 25, the Waste Management team at Black River First Nation hosted a Collection Drive in conjunction with the Winter Carnival events happening around the community. Community members were asked to bring in beverage containers and small electronics to the band office where they were collected and stored for recycling. Those that participated had their names put into a draw for a chance to win a prize hamper! Participants were also given a foldable blue Recycle Everywhere tote to encourage recycling at home.


The Collection Drive event turned out to be highly successful, with plenty of names listed for the draw and recyclable material being steadily brought in. There was a number of electronic materials collected including TV’s, monitors, gaming consoles, cell phones, printers, computers, and computer peripherals. Beverage containers were sorted into plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles. The community clearly expressed an interest in recycling and waste diversion through their participation, and one day hopefully they’ll be able to recycle materials full-time!



First Nations Waste Minimization was happy to assist with the event by buying PPE from Tough Workwear for the crew, and cooking/cleaning items for the prize hampers. Pathfinders visited the community and brought the PPE and prizes, while also bringing a full load of E-Waste back with them to the city for drop off at a 4R Depot. FNWM would like to congratulate and acknowledge the hard work of the waste management crew at Black River, Stacy Starr and Kenneth Harry. Great job!