Electronics are a popular gift item at the holidays – TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, the list goes on. Technology products are among the most common items purchased on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day.

So what should we do with the unwanted stuff?

1) Regift new electronic items you were gifted to someone else you feel could use them. Just because you received an electronic gift from someone, doesn’t mean you have to turn away the items you already own that are in perfectly good working condition.

2) Give your old electronics to a thrift shop to resell, assuming it’s working. Double your karma by choosing a store with a charitable beneficiary. Ensure any personal information on a computer or other device is removed completely.

3) Take used electronics it to a refurbishing organization such as Mother Earth Recycling or Computers for Schools Manitoba.

4) DO NOT throw old/ broken electronics into your garbage or recycling bin. Have your e-waste properly recycled. It can be broken down to be reused via one of the e-waste collection depots in Manitoba. Note that some collection sites offer additional services for a fee, such as data destruction or home pick-up.

5) Hold onto old electronics until you can drop them off at your nearest Staples or Best Buy retail store for recycling. Currently, both of these recycling programs are paused due to COVID-19 concerns, but they’re expected to continue once it’s safe to do so.

6) Don’t forget to safely dispose of dead batteries! Call2Recycle has numerous drop-off sites around the province.

Dealing with electronic waste responsibly is one of many important initiatives for reducing your carbon footprint this holiday season. Learn more about reducing holiday waste here.