Skill-building for the whole family.


What is Prairie Dog Projects?

A compilation of resources for families – projects to do at home to develop keystone skills, protecting the natural environment and building community resilience.


Why Prairie Dog Projects?

Schools may be closed, but it’s not summer vacation just yet. Kids need to keep learning and having fun. Prairie Dog Projects will help them in both of these areas, while employing sustainability practices. Learning at home together can be so important, both at this time of isolation and in the long-term to support families.

Environmental education is the keystone to save the planet!

How does Prairie Dog Projects work?

The resources are organized into four categories:

Go Green Go: Healthy and active ways of getting around.
This category focuses on active transportation and movement.





GIY (Green It Yourself): Eco-friendly lifestyle at home.
This category aims to green the home and reduce waste.






Green Thumbs: Waste not, want not: the cycle of food.
This category dives into composting, gardening and reducing food waste.




Eco Play: Games and activities for the sustainable kid.
This category provides activities and games for kids and youth.




Why the Prairie Dog?

Prairie dogs are classified as a keystone species in Manitoba, meaning that they play a key role in supporting the ecosystem. The activities provided by Prairie Dog Projects are meant to do just that – give you the tools and knowledge you need to support your family while being conscious of the environment. Let’s be resilient and take care of our planet!


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