The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the August 29, 2015, edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Curbside composting now

On Sept. 9, the city is hosting an organics diversion strategy symposium to talk to residents and find out how Winnipeg should divert organic materials from the landfill. Yet the city already conducted a Speak Up on Garbage Expo in 2010 followed by a six-month public campaign, then in 2011 commissioned a study. In fact, dollars to run a pilot residential compost pickup program were even allocated in the 2014 budget. Waiting for a new organics strategy to be delivered to council in summer 2016, which is the date now being proposed by the city, will delay organics pickup for too long and makes no sense.

We know organics diversion programs are necessary and can divert approximately 40 per cent of Winnipeg’s residential waste stream. The province is gearing up for the implementation of a ban on organics in landfills by 2020, and the city will ultimately be required to take action on organic waste. Many Winnipeg residents have already spoken up for organics curbside pickup, and we have the studies and successful existing program models. Progressive cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Hamilton, Vancouver, Halifax, Victoria and even Brandon already run programs. It’s time to join them.

Tracy Hucul
Green Action Centre