There are many ways to show love to the planet from home, including learning more about the importance of reducing waste.

October 18-24 was Waste Reduction Week – a week to evaluate areas in our lives that are producing the most waste, and find ways to reduce. In the spirit of Waste Reduction Week, why not spend an evening cozying up at home while watching a documentary about reducing your food waste?

Green Action Centre’s Composting team put on Food Waste webinars throughout Waste Reduction Week, in case you missed it, we recorded them for you to watch on your own, with your family, or with your roommates. We would love to hear what you learnt!

Cooking with Food Scraps Virtual Cooking Show

Carrot tops, beet leaves, cauliflower leaves, broccoli stems, banana peels…the list goes on. Did you know these parts of fruits and veggies we throw out are actually edible & super nutritious?? Join Lea Cote, our Compost Program Coordinator (and food waste reduction enthusiast) in her kitchen, where she will show you some easy & tasty recipes that incorporate these unusual parts of fruits & veggies into delicious meals. 

Composting & Recycling Myths Busted

Lea Cote & Colleen Ans from Green Action Centre, along with Sarah Wallace from Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba will uncover the common myths out there regarding what is recyclable in Winnipeg, and what is compostable in your backyard compost bins. In this webinar, we clear the murkiness surrounding the many items that claim to be recyclable and compostable so that we can all be better stewards of waste reduction.

Compost Bin Building

Master Composter Mick Manfield demonstrates how to build two different types of wooden compost bins:

  • Wood pallet compost bin
  • Wood bin with a lid, and a door at the bottom using reclaimed cedar

You will be surprised by how easy it is! The webinar also covers where you can source the wood, what tools to use, & other top compost bin tips!

Spotlight on Compost Winnipeg

Hear about our exciting organic pick up service that is changing the landscape of waste reduction in Winnipeg. As Green Action Centre’s social enterprise, Compost Winnipeg is a mid-scale composting service that caters to everyone including offices, multi-family residential buildings, homes, small restaurants and cafes. Join Robyn and Karrie as they take you through what they do and the impact it makes on our environment.