From resource extraction to the transportation of a finished product, the cost of every item you purchase goes far beyond the price tag that you see. People and the planet are affected everyday by purchasing decisions.

What can you do to decrease the strain on our planet? Ensure you’re purchasing products that have a long lifespan and when something breaks, do what you can to fix it.

Less resource extraction = healthier planet

We’ve compiled some tutorials to help you fix common household items

How to Change a Bicycle Inner Tube

Check out other bicycle fixing tutorials from the Global Cycling Network here

How to Refinish a Table (Quickly and Easily)

Check out other videos from Home Built Workshop here

Sewing 101: Mending a Tear

YouTube has so many sewing tutorials to assist you with your repairs. If you’re in Winnipeg and needing further assistance, we would encourage you to reach out to Reclaim Mending or Winnipeg Sews.

Replacing an iPhone Screen

Click here for other phone fixing tutorials from JerryRigEverything

DIY Shoe Repair

Repairing your shoes can be complicated. There are many different tutorials online for different types of shoes, or you can bring your shoes to a professional to repair (this is typically still cheaper than purchasing a new pair).

Leather Repair Trick for Small Tears & Cracks

Check out Rub ‘n Restore, Inc.’s channel for other vinyl and leather repair tips

Resource Sharing

Looking for tools to help make your repairs possible? Here are a few great resources in Winnipeg:

OR! Ask a neighbour or friend to borrow/rent theirs. And of course, be willing to offer repair items that you own to others in return.