Recycling Toolkit for Manitoba First Nations

For more information on the Recycling Toolkit, please contact Beth McKechnie: beth {at} or call (204) 925-3777 ext. 102. To learn more about reducing waste in your Manitoba First Nations community, please contact Amy Smith: amypathfinder {at}

Establishing a recycling program in your community can result in immediate environmental benefits, both globally and locally.

Many First Nations would like to create a recycling program, but finding a starting point is a challenge. To help address this, Green Action Centre, with funding from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), pulled key information together into a single, step-by-step guide to assist Manitoba First Nations and northern communities in tackling waste management and recycling.

Download the full pdf [low resolution] or by section [high resolution pdfs for printing]:

Cover, Intro and Table of Contents

A. How to Use this Toolkit

B. Overview of Recycling

C. Recycling in Manitoba

D. Six Steps to Start Recycling

E. Industry Recycling Organizations

F. Funding Assistance

G. Educational Resources

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