Climate Change and Energy

Our climate is changing. The impacts are being felt around the globe. A changing climate impacts virtually all of the ecological processes that drive our planet — atmosphere, oceans, fresh water, landforms, heat distribution, weather, and more.  Systems on which human communities depend for agriculture, drinking water, energy, transportation, and raw materials will be affected. Local communities will have to accommodate these changes.


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Climate Change: The Causes and the Science

You may have heard about climate change and the greenhouse effect. But how much do you really know and understand?  Do you know the difference between climate change and global warming?  The Climate Change Connection has created a brochure Puzzled About Climate Change? [PDF] with concise information about climate change: the causes, the science behind...

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Seven Habits for Greener Living

It can be confusing. Where do you start when you are trying to green your household and your life? There’s so much information. There are so many things to do. Which ones matter the most? How do you make a significant difference? Here is Green Action Centre’s list. 1. Travel Active and Green. Take the...

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