Climate Change: The Causes and the Science

You may have heard about climate change and the greenhouse effect. But how much do you really know and understand?  Do you know the difference between climate change and global warming?  The Climate Change Connection has created a brochure Puzzled About Climate Change? [PDF] with concise information about climate change: the causes, the science behind it, and misconceptions.

Global warming and climate change had to begin somewhere. So where did it all start? The Industrial Revolution did not just mark a major turning point in history, but because of the mass production, coal and oil were being burned. Thus letting of more and more CO2 into the air. Factories, trains, steamboats, cars, and now tractors doing farm work. These are all a large part of our every day life, but they are also a very detrimental part of our life. The more we use these machines, the more CO2 we’ll be pumping into the air.