ON SITE is a form of community composting designed for people who live in condos, apartment buildings, and multi-unit dwellings. We set you up with a composting system at the location of your residence, providing you with the training and resources you need to maintain your bins.


The setup costs for ON SITE are covered by our incredible funders listed below. All you need to participate in this project are an agreeable building owner(s), volunteers to maintain the bins, and residents who are enthusiastic about the option to compost on site.

Resources We Provide

  • wooden compost bins
  • compost aerator to maintain airflow in your bin
  • a backyard composting workshop for you and your neighbours
  • fridge magnets to remind you what can go in your bin
  • print materials with tips for maintaining a healthy compost bin
  • ongoing support through our ON SITE staff and Compost Info Line
  • a limited number of kitchen catcher buckets for individual units

What We’re Looking For

  • Buildings located in Winnipeg that have a minimum of 4 units
  • A minimum of two volunteers to coordinate on behalf of your building
  • Sufficient residents who have expressed interest in composting
  • A manager/owner who is supportive of this project
  • Space to place bins outdoors on your property (approximately 3’x3’x9′)

If your building meets these requirements, we want to hear from you! Email compost@greenactioncentre.ca or call 204-925-3777 ext 108 to let us know you’re interested.

ON SITE in the News

“Non-profit group hopes to grow composting pilot project across city” – Winnipeg Free Press
“Pilot project promotes composting” – CTV News

Looking for a How-To Guide?

In the pilot year of this project, we created a how-to guide for multi-family composting. Whether you’re participating in ON SITE or want to participate, or just interested in striking out on your own (perhaps you live outside of Winnipeg and want to bring this to your city!), visit this page to download our free resource!

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For inquiries about the ON SITE Multi-Family Composting project or questions about the state of your compost bin, call 204-925-3777 ext 106.